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  1. Hola- 1 of the reasons I'm coming down there for 2 months is to socialize. I'm 62 and recently separated. I enjoy companionship, company, socializing. I do not see anywhere on this board to post personals or potential for meeting folks. Any suggestions on where to gather or to chat on-line. I have places in other warm US areas but want to strongly consider Mexico as a more affordable warm place other then Florida or Hawaii.
  2. UBER- When I come down there 1st of Feb 2018. I was going to take UBER down to the lake? Best not to? Is there a bus or do we have to use a taxi
  3. Well thanks for info - especially with snakes- not a fan. I'll stick to hot springs...hopefully..
  4. Well it's a ways away, but i like a base plan to start. All will work out. So..... any swimming in the lake? hows the water quality. I have seen some info on it but nothing conclusive. Im looking forward to the hot springs area as well. There again, it's not clear from what i read if it's open on a regular basis to the public. Membership? Daily use fee?
  5. Hotel Perico it is- all set and ready yo go. Thanks for all your advise. 2 months in Hawaii & 2 months in Alaska and I'm on my way ! Looking forward to the stay and hope it is something that would work into my retirement years.
  6. All good info - Thanks. Looking forward to it. I'll book something on-line for first few nights, then look around and find something for a few months.
  7. Thank all of you- no car for my- i'll buy a bicycle and leave it for someone in need
  8. Hola- I will be coming to look at Lake Chapala area this January- Febuary 2018 to learn about and consider for a future move there. I live & Alaska & Hawaii. Moved from Alaska to Hawaii in 2015 and am somewhat disappointed (crime/ litter, prejudice, politics ). I have been in Mexico ~20 times in my life on vacations & lived in Oaxaca for 4 months in 2005. I'm nearing retirement and want a place that is warmer and affordable (Hawaii is not). Have always loved Mexico. Airfare is somewhat cheap from there to Alaska where I will still go back and forth some. I am assuming from my many times in Mexico that the availability of a furnished place to live for two months is more then is posted on- line. Do many local homes or smaller Mexican motels offer 2 month stays. Some place in mid range ($500- $800 month, single person) . Any other websites to consider or check. Thanks and looking forward for a long visit & getting to know area/ people Robo
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