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  1. Update -- I just spoke with Dr Gabriel to make an appointment, and he is in Centro Laguna now.
  2. I realize this post is old, but I have been doing the same research and thought my findings might help someone. From the Novamar insurance link above, be aware that Pam American gets terrible reviews, while Bupa is considered to be a premier insurer. Aetna and Cigna also have global insurance plans.
  3. My Yorkie and I will be moving down shortly, and I want to keep him on the same food that he is thriving on now (Nutro Feed Clean, Wholesome Essentials, Small Breed Adult). Is there a place in Ajijic where I can special order his food? Someone told me one of the animal shelters orders dog food, but she didn't know which one. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. You can also download an app for your phone that blocks known spammers, scammers, and robo calls. I use Mr. Number on my iPhone. It is free and does not have advertisements.
  5. I am moving down in a few weeks and have communicated with the Lake Chapala Dance and Fitness Studio on the carretera near Juarez. When I looked at their Facebook page a few weeks ago it mentioned ballroom specifically, as well as Latin and tap. Now it says Latin and “various kinds of dance.” I’m bringing shoes for everything. Would appreciate an update when you learn more. LCDanceFit@outlook.com (331) 323-0907
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