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  1. Never understood what all the fuss was about on Pizza. To me the choices are simple. Go to Perry’s and order your favorite pizza. Then, a few days later, go to M & J and order the same pizza. Compare the taste, prices, service, etc. and make your decision. I once heard a great pizza chef say, there is no good or bad Pizza. Just your preference. What I love, you may hate. Different people like, thin crust, thick crust, deep dish, New York style, etc only you can decide
  2. Bisbee Gal sorry, you’re right. Don’t know their name, but know I like their Pizza. dont know how to change the title
  3. Went to J & M’s Pizza Saturday evening. Starting to fill up. Lucky I was by my self, because all tables were full and only I seat open at bar. If you go with a party of 4 or more, it’s best to go before 6. The owners said, most people come at 6 pm, especially one weekends
  4. After reading all the good reviews on this board and Facebook, plus hearing from friends, my wife and I invited another couple to go out with us for Pizza at the new J&M Royal Pizza.k i must say that all four of us loved it. Probably one of the best pizza's we've had since coming to Mexico. Another thing we liked is the cozy setting. It reminds me of a New England neighborhood bar I used to frequently stop at every afternoon.
  5. Someone told me Moses had over 20 years of working in pizza shops. I wonder who trained who.
  6. Does anyone know of a good dance instructor in the lakeside area.
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