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  1. Thanks SO MUCH. I Will attempt to do it myself and if it gets too complicated will definitely contact Spencer. I don’t have his contact information but I am Magent it’s easy to get once I get to Chapala. Really appreciate your help!
  2. Greetings, Life is really complicated isn’t it? My Cosco membership just ended and I don’t know how often I’ll be getting into Guadalajara because I won’t have a car. Because I could find nowhere to stay in Chapala during the high season, I will be in Guadalajara for the month of December and then hopefully moving into hotel Perico for the rest of the high season. As late March and early April come around, I’m hoping that I can find a rental for $550 or less that will accept cats that is within walking distance to the San Antonio and Aijic Centers. If you want to get together the next time you come to Costco maybe we could meet for coffee and discuss your offer. I will be needing to buy a few large items and probably Costco is the way to go with that. Thanks for your offer and I hope we get to discuss it if someone else hasn’t already bought it. Thanks! Margo
  3. Right now I feel as though there are two of me, one trying to get ready for this big move and the other one who wants to hide under the covers. So yes, l am both Margo and Margo Morado. What I need the most help with is finding a place where I can live without a car and with a cat. I can only spend up to $550. I am open to walking 45 minutes into town as long as it is a safe route but obviously would prefer to be closer if possible. I have made inquiries at all the usual places and I’m beginning to think that , as many people say, I really won’t be able to find a place until I come to Chapala and start asking around. Hotel Perico will be my home until l find something closer to the center of San Antonio or Aijic. Thanks! Margo aka Margo Morado
  4. Wish my Spanish were better so that I could teach it but as an EFL teacher I did not need to because it is an immersion course and only English is used’ Thanks for your response! Margo
  5. I won’t have a car So it would have to be an apartment on one of the bus lines
  6. I am really open to any reasonable solution. My cat has lived with dogs. I don’t know how he’ll be around other cats but I all my friends have cats so l could certainly do a hopefully harmless experiment. you are so kind to spend time helping a complete stranger!
  7. What type of service is this? What is the time?
  8. Greetings, My greetings, My aunt is going into an assisted living /Nursing home in San Antonio in December. I am also moving to the Chapala area. In general, does it make sense to keep Medicare or Medicare advantage when one is in a nursing home in Mexico? Although the money saved would only be about $100 a month, that would add up and might help to pay for medication or Even treatment if it were necessary. I am hoping to get a temporary residency. I understand that in order to apply forthe Government health plan in Mexico, you have to be under 80 years old and you have to be a permanent residence. If that’s the case, it might be better for me to keep my health plan as I certainly would have no problem traveling back-and-forth to the US, aside from the expense and hassle. I would appreciate your thoughts and experiences regarding this choice. Thanks so much!
  9. I have a place to stay with a friend through February when l contacted hotel Perico, Jan said that there will be a room avaiable in March and cats are welcome. After my aunt and l get settled in, l will go to see Hotel Perico and meet with Jan, who sounds lovely. If everything works out, I can see myself staying indefinitely there because I have virtually no possessions and don’t require much personal private space when there are such beautiful and extensive grounds. Thanks again to all of you!
  10. Did You drive your cats down or did you fly? I’m really scared to put my cat in the hold and he is way too big to fit under a seat. At 70, I am a bit of a coward and the idea of driving for 2 1/2 days alone. with my cat is not appealing. Is there a board or site where you can check to see if people want a ride to or from the US to Chapala or Guadalajara? thanks!
  11. This is for all my calls, and yes I am moving to Chapala. Thanks for your suggestions
  12. Thanks, Natasha. I tried to find it just now to see if l read it. I usually respond when I get responses or questions, so if I didn’t, I probably didn’t see yours. All of these sites work a little bit differently. Where should l look? Thanks!
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