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  1. My attitude concerning the modem is that it is the internet provider's equipment, not mine. If the provider needs to exchange or diagnose a problem, the equipment is the way that they installed it. Making it easier for them and myself. I just plug in my devices. If I want to install or change something, it is still on my equipment.
  2. I just couldn't forget the kids at the hospital.
  3. My advise is you need to make a visit here during the worst time of the year. Just like if you are moving anywhere. Also, if you do decide to move here, consider buying your own electrical backup for the portable oxygen concentrator.
  4. Look both ways before crossing the street, then run.
  5. I have lunch with him all the time. He is one of my brother-in-laws.
  6. I can afford it but you can still set up a GoFundMe for me.
  7. All you need is ice cream. Just eat it fast. HAHAHAHA
  8. Let's clarify. That was "Swiss researchers ". Isn't that in Europe?
  9. FYI I have 2 carriers (2 sims card), AT&T Mexico and AT&T US. On my phone they display as lusacell and AT&T. I know the AT&T US is roaming with a company here, I am not sure which company. The AT&T Mexico plan is unlimited calls and 1.5 gig of data for 199p per month. The plan is called Tu Manera. The interesting thing was when we were driving from GDL to Coeneo this weekend was how the two coverage indicators on my cell showed that each carrier does not have the same coverage.
  10. I have never made changes/add software to a modem. Why do that with an already slow piece of equipment?
  11. I inform myself from doctors (my own and others) and other medical personnel. Not something written on the web. I prefer to talk to people that read medical journals, not some study by who knows who. I do not go to a doctor with the attitude that I have to hold them accountable.
  12. What I have learned in my 30+ years with heart disease is I don't "doctor" myself, reading this, taking that... I find doctors that I put my trust in and I follow their advise.
  13. Like jumping into ice cold water?? HAHAHAHA
  14. Are there any new findings in the last 7 years?
  15. That's all laughable. You will keep replying. How is that personal when I said "some people's opinion"? You are the one that sees it as personal.
  16. I have not heard one word, good or bad, from the Tapatios I know. It is like they could care less.
  17. So the gist of some people's opinion is that it is OK for them to break a law because other people do it. Right?
  18. One town we passed by yesterday was called Benito Juárez. The town looked like nobody lived there. I asked my in-laws if anyone lived there. They said "No one. Everyone lives in the US. The whole town."
  19. So what does it mean when the doctor says that your pacemaker is pacing 100% of the time. Do you have pacemaker?
  20. I am a little confused what you mean by switch. What I have read here is modem/router from iLox doesn't have very good wi-fi. What if you add a better wi-fi router for your internal network. All devices connected either Ethernet (including your camera) or wi-fi. I know it is not great if have to add additional equipment.
  21. Or sometimes all of your rhythms.
  22. Wow, I need to rush out and tell all of the cardiologists that have been treating me for over 30 years. I heard it on a chat board. I guess I won't need a 5th defribulator.
  23. We just returned from our own magical trip. We were in Santa Fe de la Laguna.
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