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  1. I was wrong about the chirizo with the raisins and almonds being made in Toluca. They do make it in Toluca but this was made by the owner of the restaurant in Morelia. His name is Señor Bulmaro. He will sell it by the kg but it is by order only. He only makes it when needed. If interested, his phone number is 443 314 0569. Please give him a few days notice so he can work it into his schedule. He will ship but you pay the shipping. Still working on the address for the street market in Guadalajara that sells the plain chirizo.

  2. Have you tried chorizo verde? It was milder, with fruit, than regular chorizo. I tried it for the first time at a restaurant in Morelia. It turns out that the owner of restaurant is a former brother-in-law. He sent a kg home with me. I have found it in Guadalajara but it was not as good. I will have to find out the name of the restaurant.

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