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  1. I was not that smart, not buying two printers. hahaha It traveled from Mexico to Florida to Illinois then back to Mexico.Two of the three moves was company moves, so who cares about the cost. hahaha I am just glad/surprised how well it cleaned up.
  2. I have learned not to depend on just one system. Currently I have USTVNow and Netflix. Also, I keep a supply of download shows/movies from Netflix.
  3. I bought a Canon Pixma MG3610 Multifunctional at Sam's Club for 799 pesos several months ago. Too new to review. Just use it for little color printing and scanning. I figured at that price, I don't have worry about the price of cartridges. Just throw away the printer and buy a new one. My main printer is HP LaserJet 1300, around 15 years and working fine. I did learn one lesson. Don't ship a LaserJet with ink cartridge still in it. What a mess. hahaha
  4. Tell them I am also having the same problem so I can get that price. hahaha
  5. This should go without saying, I hope everyone is treating their fruits and vegetables with an antibacterial before eating or cooking. Sometimes I get lazy.
  6. I know what you are saying about Houston. I lived there about 20 years ago for 1 year.
  7. The problem now is the construction for the new city train.
  8. Be careful with the auctioneers. Some of them charge a high fee. I was in the same position about a year ago. With the stuff I had, I donated my stuff and wrote it off my taxes. Don't forget, a good place to donate is churches.
  9. Cactus Jack, concerning your joke about taking 4 hours to leave LV. I don't live Lakeside. I live in the big city, Guadalajara. My joke is that it takes 4 hours to go access the city.
  10. camillenparadise, can you receive private messages? I tried to send one but it said that you can not receive messages.
  11. If you are talking about the hostess at the restaurant, no one at the restaurant would not know anything about selling and shipping. We were dealing with the owner of the restaurant, our former brother-in-law. It was my misunderstanding that he makes it. You can never trust a former brother-in-law. Just kidding. So that is where SeƱor Bulmaro comes into the story. He is vender, who sells and ships it. This is the way I understand now. It doesn't mean it won't change tomorrow. Sorry for the misinformation. I will try to straighten this out tomorrow.
  12. For simple diarrhea, I use an off the shelf product call Treda. The doctor at the Mexican Social Security clinic said that they will have the flu shot at the end of the month. Talk to your doctor.
  13. Or marry a Mexican. She will let you know what you need know. hahaha
  14. For the non Smart TV people, I have USTVNow and Netflix Mexico on Roku. If we want to watch Netflix US, I use VPN and Netflix on a cell, tablet or PC. Then I use Chromecast to the TV. There may be better ways but this works for us. I have enough of the USTVNow DVR to keep me busy.
  15. My version of "Green eggs and ham".
  16. Oops, I need to wake up before I write here. You know I wanted to say "sight"
  17. What a pretty site. Sorry for the poor pic, my hand was shaking from excitement. hahaha
  18. Has he ever said that something was bad? That would be funny.
  19. Maybe this should be in a different chat but if you want something different, how about tacos in Guadalajara where the shell is fried cheese. Be steady my heart.
  20. I just think you may want to know, the article: https://www.howtogeek.com/162683/pc-cleaning-apps-are-a-scam-heres-why-and-how-to-speed-up-your-pc/ recommends CCleaner.
  21. I still use CCleaner but I never have used the registry cleaner feature, just the file cleaner. I like to be able to control which cookies that are deleted. I use other software to clean the registry, along with other cleaning, updating and optimization, like drivers. I guess I am old school, why leave any junk around? Any software/system can be hacked. You just have to regularly check them. I try to avoid free software.
  22. ML, I will let you know if that is the market I am taking about.
  23. Please excuse my spelling. I am typing with my big fingers on a cell phone. hahaha And I am a terrible speller. Oh, I forget to mention that my wife is coming home tomorrow from Morelia with a kg of the chorizo verde. She is visiting her family.
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