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  1. First, language. Does either of you speak Spanish? If not, it may limit where you feel comfortable.
  2. Thank you. It is going on 18 years.
  3. The only problem is for the ones that need it before 70.
  4. My story is a story of connections (what you hear and who you meet). I am from the mid-west USA. Though work I heard about the area from several people from here. After retiring, I came here on an extended visit, all the time making new connections. I actually married one of my connections. (I don't think that will help you. hahaha). The point is don't think that the place you move to, is the final place you are going to live. It is just like any other city you move to. Go make your connections.
  5. I do it. I have not seen a gringo (except at the US Consulate) in a year. I live in Guadalajara.
  6. More and more sites are using PayPal. I have used with Walmart, Sam's, Amazon, and Costco. I even donated to Operation Feeds with PayPal. With PayPal, the stores don't care what cc or bank withdraw you are using. That way all of the sites that you do business with doesn't have your information.
  7. Xena, great advice. Maybe others that have little more money should also take some of your advice.
  8. That is a couple of options but if you really want to experience Mexican culture and lifestyle, you need to drive from one place and back, stand in long lines just to find out that you don't have want you need. hahaha
  9. Sometimes it seemed to me that each officer depending on the weather, day of week, time of day, what they had for lunch had their own requirements. hahaha I am joking. It just seems like that. Take it from someone who's been though it twice. Be patient and have a good book.
  10. I think it is INM - National Institute of Immigration now.
  11. Be careful where you have your pictures done. A lot of places, especially pharmacies, say that they take IMS photos. But they will not be approved. We learned the hard way. We used a studio near the IMS. Best to ask at the IMS office first.
  12. I just saw an inversion table posted for sale.
  13. Expect not to have the right/all of the paperwork when you visit the IMS. Even when you follow the instructions/advice, sometimes there is something else you need. Do expect extra trips for even the smallest of things. Just be happy when you pass each step. If you are talking about the IMS in Guadalajara, there is a great empanada bakery a half block from the IMS. It helps to make the trip not so bad.
  14. If your cell phone does not have this feature, the website for your carrier may have the feature. You may have to create an user id.
  15. It worked that time. Thanks. The website just needs to be a little clearer.
  16. I forget to mention that I am looking at the website on my cell phone, if that makes difference.
  17. Where is the button on the website to donate using PayPal? It is probably right in front of my face.
  18. Didn't you read the handbook on Mexican culture before you decided to move here. hahaha It doesn't bother the Mexicans as much because they don't know different.
  19. Right now, I think you find the fastest service is in Guadalajara. You will have to change the name of your group to "Working from home Lakeside in Guadalajara" .
  20. I find that sometimes the memories that go along the cherished items are more important than the item itself. For myself, just a pic of the item was enough to bring back the memories. And a lot easier to move.
  21. It's more like I forget what I want to say. hahaha
  22. I wish USTVNOW had a download feature. That would help reduce their storage need and provide unconnected access. I wonder if they can not for legal reasons.
  23. I forget to tell you the main reason I bought the Cannon printer. It was the color. It is red. hahaha
  24. I forget the main system not to depend on, the internet. hahaha
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