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    And sausage gravy and biscuits????? Ever had sausage gravy poutine (home made)? To me, the most important part to both dishes is the gravy. You got to get it right.
  2. Tiny


    Excuse me. I am on my way to Walmart. hahaha
  3. How about some good poutine?
  4. My spelling is so bad that sometimes I have problems looking words up. hahaha
  5. All I know is that my math and computer skills got me through school. hahaha
  6. No, I think I did. I meant phrase.
  7. A new phase for me, "more "livable" areas ". hahaha
  8. I am not sure about here but sometimes a repairman will have used ones that they take in, repair and sell. Might be worth checking.
  9. A lot of car break-ins around here are for the radio. Easy to hid, easy to get rid of.
  10. I don't see the Mexican wife connection.
  11. Oops again. I forget another one. The chirizo is not cooked.
  12. Oops, I better correct myself. I did not mean ripe, I meant soft. hahaha
  13. I hate that the avocados are not ripe, the bananas too ripe, toast is burnt, my wife's 7:00 am water class and my pill container needs to be filled. I guess someone is having a bad start of the day. Have you ever had this kind of morning?
  14. My neighbors are up in arms concerning a couple of recent home and car break-ins. All of my neighbors are Mexican. It happens anywhere and to anyone. They say that I have lowered their property values. hahaha They are working on a neighbor watch to make people more alert and aware. Maybe I should not say this. We have had one break-in in 20 years. And that was before we updated security.
  15. I didn't tell you one of my tricks for the lack of speaking Spanish. I have a translation app on my cell phone and use the phase "habla despacio por favor". hahaha
  16. I have USTVNOW (not the free version) and Netflix Mexico on Roku. Love the DVR on USTVNOW. If I want Netflix US, I use a VPN and Chromecast on the PC.
  17. Gated communities just makes it harder for criminals. It doesn't prevent. On the hand, they may think that there is more valuable items to steal.
  18. I have to disagree. I lived in a gated community in Miramar, FL (next to Hollywood) for 10 years. There gated community idea was just marketing. The selling of false sense of security.
  19. Sorry, I just found these comments negative. Just like thinking that someone is ugly. While it may true, there is no reason to say it. I didn't say untrue. It seemed to me that they were implying that the community had to be gated to be regulated. I didn't see the mention of village life. There is other life besides village life. We have been in the City over 20 years. Just a "newbie" here. I guess I need to start looking for some horses in 8 foot grass.
  20. It was a joke. Without the "hahaha", I guess you didn't get it.
  21. The other way to look at it is you get a discount when you pay with cash.
  22. Such negative comments of Mexican people. All a gated community does is give you a false sense of security. A community does not have to gated to be regulated.
  23. So what are you doing here. Go practice. hahaha It will help so you are not limited. I only know cerveza, grande, más, baño and taco. But I have several tricks.
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