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  1. I have AT&T MX 199 pesos plan. I get unlimited calls and limited data. I pay the monthly fee with their app because we have a Mexican credit card. Some body mentioned a web where I may be able to pay with PayPal.
  2. Good tip. When I get e-mail that I think that is not legit, I look at sender e-mail address. Most of the time that address has nothing to do with the company in the body of the e-mail. To it helps confirm that the e-mail is not legitimate
  3. That ATM doesn't connect directly to your bank. There is another service between the ATM and the bank. Maybe that service is having a problem routing your transaction to your bank.
  4. See what happens if you don't respond to it's comments.
  5. Please let me know tomorrow what your installer has to say.
  6. And my technician says that we use "Net" metering", not "Gross" metering. "Gross metering: The total energy generated by the solar rooftop plant is to be injected into the grid without allowing the generated solar energy to be consumed directly by the consumer. Net Metering: The energy generated by the solar rooftop plant is first allowed for self-consumption and the excess energy is injected to the grid. " https://www.ecosoch.com/net-metering-vs-gross-metering-basics/
  7. There are new inverters that have a web page that displays and graphs the panel's output by the hour.
  8. Or look at the poster's name and decide if you want to read the post or not.
  9. That is a safety feature when there is a power failure. We can not have the panels sending electric down to either the house or CFE when there is a chance that repair people can be working on the lines.
  10. I also found a pair of folding hiking poles. It is Amazon US but it says it ships to Mexico. https://www.amazon.com/EarthTrekGear-Folding-Collapsible-Travel-Trekking/dp/B004Q2B2SC
  11. Something like Something like that happened to us last Christmas. We were running more lights, longer. Also, there was less production from the panels. I don't have the actual numbers handy but our bill went up from 46 to 62 pesos. HAHAHAHA
  12. I believe 1 is what you use from CFE and 1.1 is what you send to CFE but you need to confirm that with someone like Pete or Go Solar.
  13. So they don't meet up to your standards of etiquette?
  14. Or learn how to ignore crap here and the rest of your life. I was told "just be the bigger person and ignore it". Life is too short.
  15. I agree except talking with food in their mouth. They may not realize they are doing it. They just can't wait to finish a bite before they say something. I just keep repeating "What did you say".
  16. So why is there a bar of value of 191for 14 Jun 18 to 14 Ago 18 consumption?
  17. You should stop going to eat with them and tell them why.
  18. If you do talk to CFE, you may want to ask them about the graph information on the backside of your bill. It is only showing one period. My bills shows information for each period. I wonder if there is a bill problem.
  19. Multiple snapshots shows that the system is sending to CFE.
  20. Just because the meters are digital, that doesn't mean that they are centrally monitored.
  21. These codes depends upon that type of meter you have. Another meter uses 1 and 11.
  22. After all of this, I think the only thing you can do is gather as much information (CFE bills, pic's of meter for a couple of days with date stamp if possible, ...) as you can and go talk to CFE.
  23. Since you the same meter, does the code of "1" on the right side represent the amount used and the "11" is the amount sent?
  24. Even there, I thought "No new products" in classified section. "Free of charge, No new products, No commercial posts, No commercial services, No real estate, No homes for sale or rent by owner, No promotion of sales agents agent"
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