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  1. I just had my egg shot today. Shortly before the pastor tacos from the taco stand on the street.
  2. I didn't thing about that part to look at. Thanks.
  3. I don't even want to bother to say what is posted here.
  4. Sorry for the large font. I didn't realized before I sent.
  5. I am not sure "Significant Problems" is the right words to be used. If you read the supporting documentation, link below, the egg based is "less effective " against that certain type of flu. http://www.scripps.edu/news/press/2017/20171030wilson.html The link for the non egg vaccine doesn't say how effective it is against this type. Sounds more like a marketing ad.
  6. cg, can you please explain more why you think it is catfishing?
  7. If you are interested in buying paneer, you may want to talk to your local Indian restaurant owner if they make it and if they are willing to sell. I know from the owner of the restaurant near the US Consulate that they make it. Worth a try.
  8. I am going to see if I can break that record. hahaha Just kidding.
  9. If you get a message that says that you cannot send, most of time the inbox of the receiving person is full. The message doesn't say it is full. If you don't get a message, then their inbox is not full.
  10. Most of the time it means that the inbox is full.
  11. That is why you use a system that has a DVR, just fast forward. hahaha
  12. FYI Most of the time you get that message it means that their Inbox is full.
  13. Since you were denied access to Hulu, does that mean that you use a crummy VPN? hahaha I use Private Internet Access VPN which also has a high rating, according to CNet.
  14. That's another thing (no need for a VPN) I like about USTVNOW beside the DVR. My VPN is on my device for encryption during banking business.
  15. I also use a VPN and have run into a couple of sites that didn't allow access because the VPN was turned on. It may be a matter of time before more sites disallow access.
  16. My luck is that the new DVR feature will be US only with a VPN detector. hahaha
  17. Has anyone seen walnuts here?
  18. I had the same problem with USTV Now last night until I turned off the WiFi on three other devices (cell, PC, tablet) in house. Then I watched recorded CBS and ESPN shows all night without any stoppage. I have a Roku 3 connected with WiFi. Sometimes with WiFi we are our own worst enemy. We put demands on the equipment that it can not handle. High demand on cheaper equipment. If you really want test the download of streaming, take WiFi out the configuration and hard wire the connections. The Direct TV Now sounds interesting once they add DVR.
  19. I don't know if this is the case or not, but sometimes if a restaurant doesn't have enough constant business, they may have to add items to the menu for more customers.
  20. Concerning the article, it stated number one in Latin America, not the world. Also, it was based on a survey, not facts.
  21. Let me know Let me know when it's ready and I will be there. HAHAHA
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