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  1. Wow, this sounds familiar. HAHAHAHAHAAH
  2. Some system don't work that way. For example, mine goes directly from the solar system to the wi-fi router, no extra devices.
  3. Or maybe she is just fine and it her way of playing around. She doesn't need to be diagnosed.
  4. Sometimes it is very difficult to run a Ethernet cable. Many connection are by Wi-Fi.
  5. For some reason I made the assumption from the start we were talking about a WI-Fi connection. I just could not understand why you would not have to change the network infomation. Now I understand.
  6. Does that window have "Translate this page?", Translate button, and Options button?
  7. When I left click on the blue button with a "G" on it, it asks to translate the whole page. Check that.
  8. Go to a page that is in Spanish. One of the rows toward the top of the browser should have a button for the translator. Click on it. It should ask to translate the whole page. There is a way to do it automatically but I am not using my PC now so I will check later.
  9. Our dog loves the core from a head of lettuce. She thinks it is a bone. She runs around, trying to find a place to hide it. HAHAHA
  10. I believe what Ferret is talking about is changing the network name and password on the solar control panel so it can access the home network. Normally the installers would do that initially. But if you change the Internet provider after the solar system is installed, someone will need to change it. Just like any other computer devices.
  11. Do they have a web site or app where you can monitor the output of your solar plant? Did they show you how to read the CFE meter? These are a couple of things you can keep an eye on during the month instead of waiting for the bill.
  12. I added the Chrome extension, Google Translate, to my Chrome browser. Do you know how to add an extension to Chrome? https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/2588006?hl=en
  13. Maybe it is something else than the solar plant.
  14. Yes But there is three pieces to this puzzle. 1. What you mentioned. The generation from the solar plant. 2. The transmission to CFE thru the meter. That is what I was talking about. What is sent to CFE is the net amount after what is used in the house. That doesn't show with the on-line display of the solar plant. 3. The recording and billing at CFE. Each step needs to be check.
  15. Since I don't know which CFE meter you had, I recommend taking a photo of the two numbers and post them here. Then we can tell which number is what being used from CFE and what number is being sent to CFE. Then I recommend either taking pics or recording the numbers twice a day for several days. One time early in the morning and then when the sun starts to go down. The period between morning and evening shows the extra that is being sent to CFE. The period between evening and morning shows what you are using from CFE.
  16. I believe with Skype and Magic Jack you can lease/get a phone number so you can receive landline calls (like banks...). I could be wrong. Can you do that with the other apps?
  17. Have you monitored your CFE meter to make sure that you are sending to CFE?
  18. What browser do you use? There are ways to translate the web pages.
  19. I don't know how to explain it any other way.
  20. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/magic-jack#D[A:magic jack]
  21. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-559835581-lombriz-roja-californiana-400-lombrices-manuales-gratis-_JM?quantity=1
  22. Different ATM's use different ATM Networks. That is one reason your card may not work at one companies/banks's ATM but may work at a different companies/bank's ATM. Also, if the problem is at a ATM network, your bank will not have any idea that there is a problem.
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