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  1. "The name French fries implies that this dish can be traced back to France; however, the origins of this ubiquitous dish can be traced back to Belgium. It is rumored that French fries received that name during WWI. At that time, American soldiers were introduced to the fried potatoes in Belgium, but because they thought they were situated in France (due to the fact that part of Belgium speaks French), the soldiers nicknamed these fried potatoes as French fries, instead of calling them fried potatoes." "The quality of Belgian frites is very important, and the final result depends upon the
  2. That is like frying/browning beef or pork in rendered bacon fat.
  3. That is why I always carry a pocket knife. HAHAHA.
  4. Vaseline on the door handles. It's good for one's hands.
  5. Yes, it is a sharp blade in the middle. You insert the blade in the side of the bagel with the two plastic pieces holding the bagel. Then with a small sawing motion, turn the bagel. It is gentle way to cut. It also works on English muffins.
  6. To some people no matter what you do, they will still park there.
  7. Tom, Does the surplus show on your bill? If so, how is it displayed on the bill?
  8. I was told by a contact person from another solar company that CFE were deleting all credits after a year. I wonder if any national regulations does exist concerning this or is CFE free to set their own rules. That would be like a store setting their own return policy.
  9. Sorry that item is closed. Everyone had they chance to lecture me about it. HAHAHA It is closer that ketchup and mustard. HAHAHA Both of them have about the same color. HAHAHA Both of them have a creamy texture. HAHAHA Hellmann's taste good on food. HAHAHAHA AND I FORGET TO TYPE HAHAHA THE FIRST TIME WHEN I ASK IT. HAHAHA
  10. Dog sitters. So dog owners would not take their dogs to restaurants. The sitters can set up their business next door to each restaurant.
  11. Which you will have to pay for, just like now paying for additional equipment to customize your setup. HAHAHAHA
  12. Related topic. Do you know that there is UV dye kit to help find coolant leaks. https://www.amazon.com.mx/Certificado-sistemas-refrigeración-motor-28-3-gram/dp/B002M4E0VC/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_4?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=uv+coolant&qid=1556935618&s=gateway&sr=8-4-fkmrnull There is also one for oil.
  13. Just make sure they put a chapel in the hospital. 😁
  14. I am not going comment on the "medical practitioners here are chasing the gringo dollar" because like you said, "I don't live there.". If I did and my concern where I do live is not so much the hospital for recovery and testing. Yes, it is nice that close to where I live. While living NOB I had traveled many miles to the Michigan University, University of Iowa and Mayo Clinic for testing and treatment. My concern, anywhere I live, is if the First Responders (ambulance, clinic and/or hospital) had a good response time and the training, equipment and medicine to stabilize me.
  15. 9600 / 4 weeks = 2,400 per week. 2,400 / 15 hours = 160 per hour. So you pay 160 per hour?
  16. And parents that think they know more than doctors.
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