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  1. Does it work the same way on different equipment, PC and cell?
  2. Several ideas. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.wikihow.com/Keep-Birds-Out-of-Trees%3Famp%3D1&ved=2ahUKEwj0-ZitmsPgAhUh_IMKHda_DucQFjAHegQIDRAh&usg=AOvVaw0j6I5EGsYqS15g2kJJdlvD&ampcf=1
  3. How big is the tree? There is netting to cover the tree.
  4. Sorry, I don't remember how much it was for delivery in Guadalajara. If I had to guess I would say around 100 peses but the varies with delivery location..
  5. I was just trying to understand how they were going to get the new passport unless someone else brings it to them.
  6. Did you see my comment about the holes in the passport? Can you travel internationally with the holes in your passport?
  7. Maybe he was bored. HAHAHA
  8. I just remembered. I think they punched a couple of holes in the cover of the current passport, I can't remember if that makes invalid.
  9. I used my US Master Card to pay for my passport and had to use pesos to have FedEx deliver the passport here in Guadalajara. I do not know anything about having the passport sent to a US mailing address.
  10. Have not seen the PM. My mail is at 24% so it is not full.
  11. I think he was just having his form of fun.
  12. I heard he was standing in the corner for a "time out".
  13. Before that, connect your pc to the Telmex modem by Ethernet cable (if you can). Run a speed test. That is your base line. That will be the speed of your service, the fastest. Then run a speed test using the wifi from the Telmex modem (if it has wifi) next to the modem. Then retest the wifi where you are going to use the pc or other equipment. Do all three tests with the same pc. How do they compare? With wifi, you have speed and range.
  14. AirRanger Reflective Inflatable Bird Scare Deterrent Set with Blower, Orange/Blue, 12'
  15. I have heard hanging aluminum pie plates in the tree. Enjoy the pie and hang the plate.
  16. "sterile" area for "in transit" passengers that is not stopping in that country. You don't go through immigration or customs. I don't think the US doesn't have any airport with one.
  17. Don't forget anti-lift bumpers.
  18. Do they have English and Spanish comic books on E-books? That may be a nice gift.
  19. Just an idea. We have had little or no rain in quite a while. I wonder if the panels need to be cleaned?
  20. Phone number at bottom of page. (855) 463-5252 https://www.flylax.com/en/terminals/tbit
  21. if is a pdf, download it to your pc and try this. https://translate.google.com/?tr=f&hl=en#view=home&op=docs&sl=auto&tl=en Select document.
  22. Is it a web page or pdf? If it is a web page, are you using Chrome? If so, do you have the Google Translator extension installed?
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