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  1. You never know what they are going do. I renewed mine a year ago in Guadalajara. In the pic is my old passport and my new one. No holes. The one before these two has holes.
  2. Like I said before, I am lazy. For me, it is backspace, backspace, "1" or the opposite for "52". Of course, if I don't know the country code I will use the pull down and roll through the countries. CG, nice screen capture.
  3. If you hold your mouth just right, things happen. HAHAHA
  4. This a related issue. When you call the US, are you calling other Skype users or do use credits to call landlines/cell phones? Reason I ask is I have a $2.99 per month subscription for unlimited call to the US, including 800 numbers. I am not sure if this could be used for business calls.
  5. With a pc, it is easy to select the country. With my cell, I just used the backspace to remove the country code.
  6. What device (pc, cell) are you calling with? The software may be a different.
  7. That's all good now but just wait after the above posting. HAHAHAHAHA Some times it better to be quiet. HAHAHAHA 🤣
  8. The rescue animals are either laughing or crying, I can't tell.
  9. Sorry, I don't know of a recliner for sale. If you can not find one, you may consider a foot rest to get the feet. Both my wife and I use them.
  10. Try vinegar. White vinegar preferred. Also works on shower heads. You should read up on the do's and don't of use/mixing with vinegar. For example: https://www.today.com/home/28-ways-use-vinegar-around-your-house-t72276
  11. Do they deliver? 😀 Kidding aside, that was very nice of them to take the time to share their knowledge.
  12. Not true for all pacemakers. Some devices are "MRI-conditional". It depends on the type of pacemaker you have. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/are-mri-scans-safe-if-you-have-a-pacemaker-or-implanted-device/
  13. I think it depends on who owns the container. If it is rented, it has to returned. If you own it, it up to you (store,sell..).
  14. There are plenty of computer experts here. 😉
  15. camillenparadise cannot receive messages. Inbox may be fill.
  16. Sorry. Only at Cafe Tiny.🤣
  17. There is a cheap option, screws. Install a couple of screws into the top of the opening. Screw them in just enough so the sliding door passes by and the door can not be lifted up..
  18. I got a passport and passport card last time. I carry the card as an id. I don't have a driver's license anymore. I don't need to drive.
  19. I got a passport and passport card last time. I carry the card as an id. I don't have a driver's license anymore. I don't need to drive.
  20. https://www.scribd.com/?&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=adwords_brand&utm_campaign=Google_Search_Alpha_Brand_Mexico&utm_term=scribd&utm_device=m&gclid=CjwKCAiAqaTjBRAdEiwAOdx9xk2yghBYgKS4c1E-OhMAzDG7-qJXOWIWpFeY9VCBUglAh5bw5sQN-hoCUY8QAvD_BwE I googled the previous address. It corrected it.
  21. We're you using a PC or cell for the original post?
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