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  1. It is pretty straight forward to create a personalized play list. If your IPTV service provides you with a M3U, use can use Notepad to edit the file. If the service provides a URL, then you have to convert that to a file. If you want more information, please let me know. By the way, some players have a "Favorite" so you don't have to modify the play list file.
  2. I am very happy that Tio is doing well. 😀
  3. Oh, it ok for you to make comments about other's postings? I did not judge anyone like you just did.
  4. Some of the best BBQ I have ever had was without sauce. Just with a lightly spiced rub. IMHO If you that sugary, over spiced taste in you mouth, go suck on a bottle of BBQ sauce. HAHAHAHAHA
  5. User All Day stated on another topic: "if you don't have a smart TV, don't worry - if you have an HDMI port the Fire Stick will turn your dumb TV into a Smart TV." https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/82453-ilox-updates/page/2/ Maybe someone can help you. You may need a VPN or DDS server on your fire stick or a vpn on your router if it a IP address problem.
  6. I have to let someone else answer this. I have no experience FireTV fire stick . I remember someone else posting on this board about using a fire stick to turn a regular tv to a smart tv. I will keep searching.
  7. Simple solution. Don't expect NOB BBQ SOB and don't expect SOB torta ahogada NOB.
  8. If they all would take off the same day, where would you you eat. Duh. Heaven for bid, you may have to cook. HAHAHA
  9. I use Norton products which includes a Password Vault. Includes notes. It is cloud based so all my passwords are shared on my pc, cell and tablet devices. Just waiting for a version of Norton for my Smart TV. HAHAHAHA
  10. Only at Cafe Tiny's. Cooked until stripes of pork candy. Sorry no delivery. 😅
  11. It appears that if you have a smart TV and bought an android box for IPTV, you may have overpaid. With the Smart IPTV app on my Samsung Smart TV I can receive IPTV channels. I use several trial M3U file downloads for the test with very good results. What I read about the Smart IPTV app is that it supports Samsung, LG and android tv's. It may support other tv brands. The cost for the app is around $6.37 USD for a lifetime membership per device. No other devices needed. The next project is to learn how to make a personalized M3U list file.
  12. Don't forget cheese grits. Southern meets Mexican.
  13. A comment on Thomas Malthus's theory. https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/ecology/population-growth-and-regulation/v/thomas-malthus-and-population-growth
  14. Fox may be the cheapest of US channels.
  15. Do you have insurance now? If so, would it cover a possible emergency in Mexico ( and travel to) until you can get coverage here? That may be all you need.
  16. Have you rode in a car since 1973?
  17. You could use them for patio coverage/shade. Or rain water collection.
  18. If we were up north, we could use them to slide down a hill covered with snow. haha
  19. I use http://watch.ustvnow.com/guide for those channels. It is more expensive than most IPTV but the plan I use includes a on-line DVR. If you don't have a smart tv, you will have to use some of the methods mentioned above.
  20. Question about IPTV. This will show I don't have any knowledge/experience with it. HAHAHA On my Smart TV there is an app called Smart IPTV. It says something about IPTV channel list, no channels. Does that mean if I would add an IPTV channel, my Smart TV could run it and I would not need an Android box?
  21. I do not know if this is the case or not but I have heard about sites advertising a price without the taxes and fees.
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