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  1. Sometimes they are called "repeaters".
  2. IMHO the discussion of router/extender and access point is about coverage. If the iLox modem/router is providing you with enough wi-fi coverage, that is all you need. If you have construction/layout restrictions, you have router/entender and access point as options. https://www.linksys.com/us/r/resource-center/what-is-a-wifi-access-point/
  3. IMHO The plants that are best to plant around here are the ones sold in my local nursery. πŸ˜‚ I didn't see any of those plants that were in the article at the nursery today.
  4. Is it possible that it is a smaller unit because you miss more than goes in? HAHAHA
  5. Sometimes there is trade off between speed vs signal strenght. Like CG said this just a setup issue but it may be a little trial and error, especially since you mentioned two levels in your house. There is a big difference with signals going through concrete vs wood. First, make sure you have a good speed at your modem. I would do that with an via ethernet connection. Then you can work on the wi-fi.
  6. I don't know but you may have to use their modem. But that is not stopping you from adding your own router via ethernet cable.
  7. The first chart shows that all of your devices to at least code "n" to have your wi-fi above the code "g" level. The other two charts are for your information if you may buy any wi-fi devices.
  8. The following shows the basic speeds. The addition problem is each code has different ratings. Did I say I wanted to keep it simple? HAHAHA If you are buying a 802.11n Wi-Fi router then we would suggest buying one that supports N600 or higher. You would then get the benefit of getting a router with simultaneous Dual Band where you can use the 5GHz band for higher throughput. This is what the Rating table for 802.11ac transfer speeds could look like:
  9. I am just trying to point out, in simpler terms, to the readers that after they have iLox installed and the Wi-Fi is remarkably slower than ethernet, it may be the equipment they have, not the service. 40 mps is fast and there are options to improve it if you want.
  10. The router downstairs gives 90 mps to the smart TV and PC via ethernet, 90mps to a tablet, two new cell phones and PC with new USB wi-fi adapter via wi-fi and 40mps to the older cell phone and the pc with the internal wi-fi adapter via wi-fi.
  11. I just remember the 40mps is the max. for some older devices. That is why I bought a newer USB wi-fi adapter. With the right equipment, you should get the same speed.
  12. From the Windows Settings, I would turn each wi-fi on and off. The modem from Axtel. Even if both wi-fi's operated at 2.4, I would expect them to have the similar speed. The point I was trying to make when testing the speed of an internet provider is not to test with wi-fi, but with ethernet. The speed of the wi-fi is a different topic.
  13. CG, I just ran a test on the upstairs wi-fi device, provided by internet provider, using a older Windows 10 PC with with the internal wi-fi and a new 5g USB wi-fi adapter. For this test I was downstairs. The older internal wi-fi had a download speed to 20 mps and the new USB wi-fi adapter had a speed of 3 mps. Just to make sure that the new USB adapter was working correctly, I switched to the wi-fi router downstairs and got a speed over 90 mps. That I can't explain. The customer may want to test with ethernet to see what the speed of the service is.
  14. John, What are you using the port forwarding for?
  15. CG used to write manuals. HAHAHA
  16. Rumors start when you post "sent you a PM". HAHAHAHA
  17. I know you only ask CG but here is my two cents worth from experience. IMHO the three main things that effect the differences are distance, wifi placement and physical construction. I too have the situation of the modem/wifi upstairs with other devices on both levels. Because of construction and upstairs wifi placement, the wi-fi downstairs was weak. We fix that by running an ethernet cable from upstairs to a wi-fi router downstairs. In addition, we add a wi-fi extender to increase the range to the back rooms downstairs.
  18. I don't use it that way. My need to turn it on is very low so I turn off after I am done. Also after addition testing, my need to use a vpn is very low. Now I only use a vpn when I want encryption of financial/secure transactions over Wi-Fi. Why? There is a big difference in performance between a vpn and a DDS server to change IP address. Average download speeds using SpeedTest app on Windows 10 PC connecting to US: Base speed - 90mps Express VPN - 20 mps Private Internet Access - 25mps Strong VPN - 30mps Unblock-US - 90mps
  19. CURRY HOUSE STYLE CURRY SAUCE - LARGE BATCH Author: Dan Toombs Cuisine: Indian Cook time: 90 mins Total time: 1 hour 30 mins INGREDIENTS 10 large cooking onions – finely sliced 250ml vegetable oil 9 tablespoons garlic/ginger paste (equal amounts garlic and ginger blended into a paste with a little water.) 1 carrot - peeled and chopped ΒΌ head of cabbage - chopped 1 red capsicum (bell pepper) - diced 1 green capsicum (bell pepper) - diced water 400ml (14 US fluid ounces ) chopped tomatoes 4 tablespoons ghee (clar
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