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  1. For some people it is their form of exercise, getting the heart going, making sure that they are alive. HAHAHAHAHA
  2. I got download speed of just under 50 mps with Windscribe.
  3. The young clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations." The young clerk was talking about the wrong generation. It was the one following the "old Lady".
  4. Our dog is an outside dog. This hair is from her patio area. In the 20 years living in GDL, I have NEVER seen a dog in a restaurant.
  5. One very big difference. It is not against the LAW to go to your friends. Dog owners that take their dogs to restaurants are acting childish. ME ME ME Now close this post.
  6. This is what my dog shedded today. Enjoy your meal.
  7. IMO You need to get the elected officials and Mexican friends/neighbors to back your cause. Then, have the officials pressure the police/department to pressure the restaurant owners to follow the law.
  8. With the warm weather comes the shedding of dog hair. We have to sweep once or twice a day in our house to keep up with one dog.
  9. I just realized where the "dds" came from. That was from my IBM System/38 programming years. I have no idea why that showed up. HAHAHA
  10. Maybe one way to keep dog owners/dogs away from a restaurant is to have dog on the menu. HAHAHAHA
  11. It is in some cultures, just like horse in others and goat here.
  12. CG You are correct. dns not dds. I think I post the following speed tests before. I would be interested if anyone would get better speeds with a vpn. " Average download speeds using SpeedTest app on Windows 10 PC connecting to US: Base speed - 90mps Express VPN - 20 mps Private Internet Access - 25mps Strong VPN - 30mps Unblock-US - 90mps"
  13. If you don't need encryption, consider a dns server. It gets better speeds. I only use a vpn with encryption when I am doing things like banking with wi-fi. Otherwise, I use a dns server.
  14. To add to Tom's comment, you want at least a Cat 5e cable.
  15. I think any document to be notarized by a Notario needs to be translated to Spanish. But I am not sure. The US Consulate in GDL has a US notary. I don't know if their notary goes to Lakeside when they visit. There are on-line US notary services. I have not use one. I don't know anything if you need a notary for Canada.
  16. Several???? Understatement. HAHAHAHAHA
  17. 1. I would gather as much documentation (like the payment for the phone and service) as I could. The talk to Telcel to see if your money is in your account. 2. Talk to the shop where you bought the phone and service. See if they will straighten it out. 3. If not, talk to a lawyer. It may be too costly or nothing can be done.
  18. We need to work on one piece at a time. I would first determine the speed of your current service. I would do that by using an Ethernet cable from the modem to the desktop. I use the Speed Test app. If that is slow, your wi-fi will also be slow and I would not do anymore testing. iLox will fix that.
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