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  1. What proxy service are you using? Thanks ahead of time.
  2. I wish I could read a book. I fall asleep after two or three pages. HAHAHA
  3. That would be an excellent start. Next, you need those huge lights in front to see the potholes all that better at night.
  4. CG. You said that a browser could be your bottleneck. Why use a speed test , like Fast.com, that uses a browser? HAHAHA
  5. Found this in Walmart GDL. 16.00 pesos
  6. It shows that I don't know what I am doing with Firestick. HAHAHA I read that there is a browser for Firestick called Silk. I wonder if you can access a web site like Acorn.TV to play videos?
  7. I wonder if the videos are from the US Prime or Mexico Prime?
  8. I don't use an app. Too many apps are overrated. I just use a browser. Does Firestick have a browser?
  9. What is the message? I have had used Acorn for several years. But I have a US account. Now they have a Mexican subscription plan. The TV programming is a little different between the US and Mexico.
  10. That should have no problem. Just wanted to check to make sure it was not the real cheap model I use for back-up.
  11. Yes, Blu androids are compatible. I use two. Which model are you looking at? I have one model that I am not sure how well Whatsapp would work on it.
  12. Gunning the engine, hearing the noise bounce off the buildings. HAHAHAHA
  13. Tiny

    Smoked salmon

    Who can eat only one tamal? HAHAHA
  14. Tiny


    There is a big difference between ordering and delivering. Duh.
  15. Tiny


    Free money for 90 days? HAHAHA
  16. Tiny


    Smaller stores may have to operate like that at times.
  17. Tiny


    "Wal-Mart Just in Time Delivery" "JIT is a Japanese management philosophy which has been applied in practice since the early 1970s in many Japanese manufacturing organisations." https://brainmass.com/business/just-in-time/wal-mart-just-time-delivery-466055
  18. Tiny


    Google it. HAHAHAHAHA "Q: Why Vacuum Package? A: To extend shelf life of any fresh perishable product by 3 to 5 times is normal refrigerated life." http://www.vakuumverpacken.de/GB/fachberichte/all_you_need.pdf
  19. Tiny


    From the store's view point, it is better to have too few of a perishable item that have too many. Getting the right number is hard. Then it could be a problem with suppliers outside the control of the store.
  20. I thought we were talking about the impact on the environment of the manufacture, use and dispose of items, like disposable diapers and electric items. Excuse me.
  21. Just like some people and their need to have the latest electric gadgets.
  22. Another point is do you have pre-existing conditions? You are limited/hard to get coverage for those conditions.
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