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  1. Maybe you should start grading our posts. I know mine are F- HAHAHAHAHA
  2. FYI. Just want to share our experience with a ceiling repair. We have a textured plastered ceiling. It developed about a three foot crack. Tapping around the crack, a section, 2 by 3 foot, came down. When the repair person inspected the area, they said the cement was not sealed or the sealer dried out. They inspected the whole ceiling, tapping to see if the plaster was attached everywhere. They found a couple of small areas that was not attached and easily repaired them. They said if they found too many or too large of an area, they would have to remove all of the plaster. For us, everythi
  3. Now there is a question mark. HAHAHAHA Thanks, I may try that service for CFE and ATT.
  4. All Day, just to verify. You used PayPal with this service? That may be worth a few pesos to be able to use a foreign credit card because some utilities don't accept the foreign credit cards.
  5. FYI the black letters on colored background is harder for some people to read.
  6. In the Lorex Client software, did you try to add the camera device again?
  7. I went with the expensive option. After my cataract surgery, one eye for near and the other for distance, I bought a pair of transition bi-focal. One lens clear and other for distance, improved reading and sunglasses when needed. All in one pair of glasses. I know most don't all of that. I only use them for reading smaller print and outside for the sunglasses and protection from something blowing into the eyes. One thing it also help me while driving is making sure the windshield is clean. IMO dust on the windshield makes the glare worse. I use the windshield washer a lot.
  8. Along with insecticides, it may be cleaning products.
  9. It would help to know if you need keys copied, a lock re-keyed, new lock installed ...
  10. Glad to hear that you are happy with it.
  11. Those were averages. I know better than run one test.
  12. Do you know last time the filters been replaced?
  13. Just give him a hair net. Also one if he has a beard.
  14. I just remembered something about a camera I had that had a Wi-Fi connection. I changed the router thus the Wi-Fi name and password changed. I had to use an Ethernet cable to access the camera to reset it.
  15. Is your camera connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. If it Wi-Fi, you would need to change the Wi-Fi name and password in your camera software. If you would need someone on-site, it would be camera installer or someone else with computer experience. Possible all it is changing the settings of the camera software settings.
  16. I was just wondering because I used speedof.me with three different browsers and previously posted the speeds. Which is right? https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/82453-ilox-updates/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-608747
  17. Ok, let me give the OP a suggestion. Have someone on-site investigate the problem instead of everyone in the chat room guessing.
  18. How do they when it is their first birthday. HAHAHA
  19. I spell and type so slow that most of time I either forget and loss interest with what I was going to post. HAHAHA
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