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  1. If your heart disease is a heart rhythm disorder like Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), diet will not cute it.
  2. If you want your dog with you in a restaurant, just move to Europe if you can not do without your dog for a hour or two. You would be doing everyone a huge favor.
  3. It is more like the old-uns that want one more pic of the grandkids.
  4. That too. Too much TeKillA at a birthday party that started at 2:00 Just had cake. The fireworks are going off now. Just a small gathering. Time to dance.
  5. If one company wins, there also can be problems. One company can let things decline. It is a fine balance.
  6. Competition is a double bladed sword. If there is not enough business for all of companies, product and support suffer.
  7. No, this is a Mexican party.
  8. I having great day today with a few family members and friends at a 15 aƱos party. And no dogs.
  9. Lent Treat HAHAHA No Meat
  10. Do they grind out the stump or use chemicals to kill it?
  11. Mount a old satellite dish, plug the holes and use it as a bird bath,
  12. If you must see, Google it.
  13. Yesss Shrimp and grits tonight. HAHAHA
  14. Are you sure that they pay for the paint?
  15. Paved over and make a parking lot?
  16. Like a lot of things, it is how it is prepared and cooked.
  17. When I heard comments like that I think back to what my wife had told me when she was in her 20's and working here in Guadalajara. One day, she had to ask people on the street for bus fare. She was so embarrassed. Sometimes, you never know.
  18. And the times I had it, it was very good. It was also in Florida.
  19. I read somewhere that alligator was ok for meatless Friday. It said that it was not considered a land based animal.
  20. I want my 10 minutes back.
  21. It has been going on now for over a month with meatless Friday. It is not just the Mexican religious community. I have not see any increase in price of shrimp. http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/liturgical-year/lent/questions-and-answers-about-lent.cfm Excellent time for shrimp and grits. I just have to leave out the bacon.
  22. The land line phone I use has caller id with a directory. For the numbers I want to answer, I enter a name in the directory so the phone announces a name not a number.
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