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  1. Tiny

    Attempted Scammer Alert

    Do you have them set up as a contact?
  2. If there are 7 stories and top view is from 6th floor, I would say the parking is under ground. And we know how well under ground parking works here, flooding.
  3. If I am correct, the OP is only interested in investing in one apartment of an another company's project. A lot of these comments should be directed to that company.
  4. I count 7 levels. 5 levels of apartments, one level of common area and one level of parking. Is any of it under ground? http://www.altolagomx.com/downloads/altolago-2018.pdf
  5. Tiny

    They got me again

    So what items did they steal?
  6. https://www.prokerala.com/how-to/call/costa-rica?from=mexico
  7. Sorry, no other ideas. Maybe somebody else would know.
  8. Is Costa Rica in your Telcel mobile phone plan? Is your Telcel mobile phone number from Guadalajara? To call it you may need a 1 before the number.
  9. Tiny

    Attempted Scammer Alert

    Now days most phones, even landline phones, have the ability to display a name instead of a number. You may have to enter the name.
  10. Tiny

    Attempted Scammer Alert

    Why even answer the phone for numbers that you don't recognize or don't have stored in contacts? That is what voicemail is for. If it is a good message, you can call them back.
  11. Tiny

    Cannabis Use by Older Americans

    Must of been a slow day in the news room. 🤣
  12. Tiny

    Lakeside Stream TV

    And the subscription is much, much more legal. 🤣
  13. Tiny

    Lakeside Stream TV

    So they are spending money on hardware for free tv that comes and goes instead of just paying for the tv service. 🤣
  14. Tiny


    Somebody needs to add reminder on their calendar for next year. 🤣
  15. Working Ok. No more need for Firefox, well at least until the next time. 🤣