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  1. If you show me your's, I'll show you mine. HAHAHA
  2. Did anyone see the CBS's Special, One Night for One Drop, concerning the water shortage? https://www.cbs.com/recommended/news/1009097/experience-one-night-for-one-drop-imagined-by-cirque-du-soleil-march-16-on-cbs/ A large part of the show was set in a large tank of water. Are they taking the problem serious?
  3. Tiny


    And sometimes you are stealing even if you do pay.
  4. If she is walking on my back, I would say lightest first then prettiest second. HAHAHA
  5. When someone makes a statement of fact without supporting information (link, qoute,...) and then reply when asked for supporting information, "Go Google it", I am sorry but I think that was a BS answer.
  6. Again, talking about your list. The only way I can see getting the NFL and HBO channels would be with an IPTV unless someone would know another way. Different way to access an IPTV, android box, Firestick, app on smart tv...
  7. Just know that there is a minor difference between the show selection on the Netflix and Amazon Prime US and Mexico. The US can be accessed with a VPN or dds server but sometimes the transmission may be blocked.
  8. You need to be care selecting a smart tv. I learned the hard way. Some brands, like Samsung, are limited to what apps can run on the tv.
  9. Looking over the list of channels, MeTV is new to me. I believe Hulu has it but I not sure. Also Hulu is US based so you need a VPN or dds server. Does anyone else know of MeTV on any IPTV?
  10. Good job. Google must be broken again. HAHAHA
  11. Or at least the ones in charge.
  12. So, what is some of the legal IPTV providers?
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