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  1. Do you have a phone number for her? couldnt find it.
  2. . We drove to Pian for Thai food, tonite after they did not answer the phone. They are now closed on Tuesdays
  3. Has anyone installed an ozone system in your pool? We did not want the chlorine system. However, unfortunately Ozone alone is not sufficient. We have had a problem with the chlorinator and recently after a large rain, the pool went from murky to green. Our pool cleaning company put some chlorine into the pool and the amount of algae that was killed and dropped to the bottom of the pool was horrific. We really would like to know if you have had ozonator in your pool and what pool maintenance company understands the delicate balance between the ozone and amount of chlorine to add. We really like and trust the owner of the cleaning company, but he only has 2 pools that use an ozonator. Would appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you might have.
  4. Just drove by tonite. drive west on the Carreterra turn left at the OXO drive about 3 or 4 blocks and it is on the right. telephone is 766 5540
  5. Where is Susanas located and do you have a telephone number? I have VERY FINE hair!!!!! not found anyone yet who does it to my satisfaction If you can answer me at pattierobertson@gmail.com if you write SUSANAS HAIR SALON INFO in the subject line would be appreciated
  6. i understand they are open for breakfast and lunch. after lunch, they only have drinks and I think deserts. But check with them.
  7. La Pacena is our new favorite restaurant. Jorge is the chef has a great sense of humor as well as very inventive creative recipes and presentation. Something that is not on the menu but we love is ebe nagasaki. shrimp with some delicious things in a tempura batter with a really FANTASTIC sauce with ginger peanuts and I forget. But is wonderful. We also love the shrimp enchiladas and shrimp rockerfeller as well as the ahi Tuna taco with a yummy sauce and sesame and avocado. They have a peanut creamy salsa which is also great. Opens at 12 noon and closes at 8 although if he knows you are coming with a party of people, will stay open later. they commute from Guad which makes a long day. His wife works with him and they really aim to please. We eat there at least 3 times a week!!!
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