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  1. I do not see on their website where toI did call in & given report #.
  2. I looked up sunspots & auroras activity. There have been solar storms the last few days, " a prolonged period of moderate southward directed magnetic field " " there is a coronal hole that has moved to the center of the sun facing earth so in a few days we might see another impulsive ramp up from slow to fast solar winds" storm G2 was happening last night. Right now all Ch. are working fine but did not early this morning.
  3. 4 dinner plates hit the dust. If you are doing a project i will not toss the pieces r
  4. fishcake


    I cannot find Sarten on their website. Please help Gracias
  5. Have a friend on Gallo Gonzales who needs better tv How is Ilox in that area? Gracias
  6. I just wanted to know who to call in vase I need it. Sounds like Cruz Roja or SAT hosp are both good.
  7. What number to call for San Antonio Hospital ambulance
  8. Anyone else Ajijic centro without CFE.
  9. Put salt in your coffee mill or blender. Works great
  10. I would like one. Please pm me when ready.
  11. No ans on phone. Anyone know when they will reopen?
  12. 10 years ago the fish markets in Bahamas were charging $20.00 US a pound so it is a good price but back then we would spear our own for free.
  13. What time does Walmart open on Sunday? Conflicting times on google.
  14. Gracias Apparently Costco has none so Walmart is the only choice
  15. Nope. None of the above
  16. There are none at Costco. Pancho might get some next week.
  17. Just saw some last week Lakeside but can't remember where. Not Superlake . Who has seen some lately?
  18. Need some catajuana seeds or cuttings They grow readily from cuttings in soil. Neighbor cats cleaned us out. Gracias
  19. fishcake


    The Grainery sells delicious dark chocolate in broken waifers. You can have regular or sugar free. They say the sugar free really tastes sweeter. I make my own chocolates with it.
  20. I think they use them in their delicious basmati rice. I will ask on my next order. Gracias
  21. But do you know if they have black cumin. Not the same as our regular cumin. I shop at them all.
  22. fishcake

    Black cumin

    Anyone have a local source?
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