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  1. I am seeing a few lights but wondering how large the outage is. Started as a brown out late last evening
  2. Considering teeth whitening. Interested in your comments re: method & dental recommendations Gracias
  3. I am in France & their socialized medicine gives free medical to all residents AND visitors so insurance was not necessary .
  4. Apparently the author has never been bitten. Do not believe everything you read Jim. Even Mr Google makes mistakes
  5. Yes Jim. Definitely a large cockroach. I have had them around me all my life. In Fl we called them Palmetto bugs. Never had one bite me though.
  6. Yes, pain is easing but wow it hurt, still does 15 min later. I have been around cockroaches for many years & never afraid to pick one up. Will be more careful in future.
  7. Just going to bed & large (palmetto) cochroach on my screen. I picked it off to toss outside & it bit/ stung me ... wow it hurts. Never had this happen before & I am not afraid of bugs. Any advise re bite?????
  8. Definitely not free. I'll let you know in a month
  9. Yes, it sounded very strange after looking at map. There are authorities everywhere.
  10. I am on Uniworld from Avignon to Lyon, then on to Paris I went ahead & booked the ticket as the stations were most convenient. I originally land CDG then 2hrs later to Marseille. The following 3 days in Cassis with friends from Cabasson. Then train to Avignon.
  11. Thanks Fred. It is only a 2 hr trip.
  12. Perfect. Although I have use Trip Advisor & travelled many cities in Europe I have some confusion about this connection. I am arriving on river cruise in Lyon & have a room on Rue de la Harpe 5th arr. Paris.. I have been told to go to the airport in Lyon & take the train to the main station Paris Gare then taxi. I have found on Rail Europe TGV INoui #6612 That leaves Lyon Part Dieu at 10 AM arr Paris Gare de Lyon. It would sound perfect for me but I have had negative comments about that line. cost is About 1400Mx for 2nd class or 2000Mx for 1st class. Is 1st class better for viewing the countryside? thank you
  13. I will be arriving in Lyon on Easter Sunday & making my way to Paris, Sorbonne. I would like to talk with someone who knows the area well. I am in Ajijic.
  14. I am looking for about 3 litres of beach sand. I wish to use it to make non skid areas on my outdoor ceramic floor. I have tried building suppliers (too fine it would turn to mud) aquarium supplies too coarse. Kitty litter would break down. None at plant supplies. Should you have any or are driving back from the beach to Ajijic please let me know
  15. It has been 2 weeks & I am still not registered for USA QR card. Has anyone else received their card after getting 2 jabs in Calif?
  16. Why did I ask such a simple question? I am looking for a paint on epoxy like Sparkle Tuff Anti slip. It does not seem to be available through Amazon or HD I did not mean to start an arguement. You guys need to get out more.
  17. Well that sort of days it all. I have outdoor ceramic tile courtyard and want non skid pathway to casita. I was thinking a thin layer of epoxy or Gorilla glue sprinkled with sand. I would rather not tear up the tile for the walkway. Would like something that would last.
  18. MRI at San Antonio was 5990.00. At Riberas it was 1000 pesos more.
  19. This should be straight forward
  20. I have gone through web site, downloaded & printed stacks of forms. Cdn Consulate is closed. Is there a pro in Ajijic area who can help me with the paperwork
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