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  1. Twice it has taken me one hour from Superlake to centro Ajijic.
  2. We dealt with Imperial. Put their address on GPS & found it no problem. Staff were wonderful. Although no English we got by easily. We had picked our what we wanted on line but once there able to feel the leather & look at the colors made changes. Since they are making the piece for you, you can change things like seat height, width etc. Imperial has 3 shops within their block plus a small gallery. Have fun & enjoy lunch.
  3. The town of Zocualco de Torres is about 40 min drive from here. That is where equapales are made. Everyone in the village is involved. The top makers have good websites so you can decide on style, color & $. There are many levels of $$$. We went to the shop we had picked paid deposit & furniture delivered on time plus carried up to our mirador. I will look up company I dealt with & send info.
  4. When you renew your contract you can use them to buy time. I received 3 months free. See Ana next to Alex Pasta.
  5. I saw a post comparing local antigen testing sites with comments. Cannot find it. If anyone copied please repost. Gracias
  6. Interesting as I ordered on Amazon US showing my Ajijic address for a destination. It will be shipped by Aventis Systems from Atlanta Ga. I have not yet given payment.
  7. I buy from Amazon often but not electronics.
  8. Mine shows estimated tax USD 0.00. It does not show "import fees deposit" but says country may charge import duties & taxes that you have to pay ahead of delivery. Yes yes & yes
  9. I went to the final payout Amazon page & they only show shipping & that I will be charged duty
  10. Has anyone bought a computer at Amazon US & had it shipped to Mexico. ? What percentage duty was charged?
  11. Apologies for asking such a STUPID question. Thank you Pedro for your reply. It was helpful.
  12. I am considering health insurance with or without co pay. Please give me examples of the cost of major surgery. Eg. Knee replacement, heart procedures, cancer etc. Gracias
  13. Dr Gabriel Martinez at Quality Care.
  14. fishcake

    Al Meraj

    Same experience as you had. We have delivery from Magnolas regularly. Always arrives hot, ample & delicious. 40 p for delivery (plus tip). Nan is far better than Meraj plus rice is included.
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