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  1. This is my experience dealing with the Telmex/slow speed Internet here. I live in Mazatlan, but rented a house in Villa Nova in Ajijic for a month. The speed at this house is 6 Mbps download and .6 Mbps upload. I already knew that the speeds in Ajijic were slow, but I called the Infinitum trouble report number and talked to a tech there. She looked at the line and said she saw no problems and there was nothing she could do from where she was to improve the speed, but she gave me a trouble ticket number and said a tech would come by and check the line. A tech came by a couple of days later. He checked the line coming in to the house and said the maximum coming in to the house was 7 Mbps and it is normal for me to see 6 Mbps, using the “speedtest.net” Web site that shows how much a person is getting with their computer or other device. He said I was lucky to get 6 Mbps. He said across the road at another subdivision, and in other parts of Ajijic, the maximum download speed is 2 or 3 Mbps. And I believe him. I talked to a woman in the Ajijic Telmex office. She lives not far from this house and she said she does only get 2 or 3 Mbps download. For the last 3 weeks I had thought about buying a new modem from Mercado Libre, just to give it a try at this house to see if it made any improvement in speed. I finally did it about a week ago. The modem that was being used at this house was a Huawei HG532e from 2012. It was and still is a good modem. The modem I got from Mercado Libre is a Huawei HG659. It was manufactured in April of this year. It is the latest in technology. It is a 2 band modem transmitting at 2.4 and 5 GHz. And incredibly, I paid 240 pesos for it. That is about $13 or $14 US dollars and for that price it was shipped to me by the seller and got here within 2 days by FEDEX. It did not improve the down speed, but did improve the up speed from .6 Mbps to around 1 Mbps. I might have been able to call the Infinitum techs in Mexico City and ask them if there were any options they could change remotely from there to try to improve my speed, but being as this is not my house I did not want to do that. Modems like this were designed to be used with fiber optic facilities, but being as they are the latest in technology, being 5 or 6 years newer than the old modems, they do sometimes make an improvement in speed. I will of course take this new modem back to Mazatlan. I have an HG 658 modem there and I get down speed of between 35 to 40 Mbps. I do not have fiber optic cable in to my house, but there is apparently fiber optic cable somewhere between my house and the central office. So I will use this wonderful HG659 in Mazatlan and will have the HG658 as a backup.
  2. Using WiFi, as long as your computer or other device is close to the modem, it should not matter, compared to readings using Ethernet. Try testing using the Ethernet and then try using WiFi. I think you will find they will both show very close or the same speeds.
  3. As ComputerGuy recommends, please disregard my experience of what I have seen with those 532e modems. If you use another modem and it gives you a higher speed, please don’t go to Telmex and request another modem.
  4. To Computer guy: speedtest.net is Ookla. To Johanson: The Telmex 389 peso package says you are supposed to be able to get UP TO 10 Mbps download speed. The settings in your modem that Telmex has set up in your modem software would allow you to get a download speed of 12.5 Mbps, if your house was sitting next door to the Telmex facility that provides you with Internet service. The further your house is from their facility, the more the speed will decrease. Same with the upload speed. If your house was next to the Telmex facility, theoretically your uploads would be at ,612 Mbps. What you are seeing is typical of what people in Mazatlan with the 389 peso package get. About 9 or 10 Mbps download speed and about .5 Mbps up, depending upon how far they are from the Telmex facility.
  5. I am in Mazatlan. Over the last 4 or 5 years I have experimented with several of the modems that Telmex gives us to use. I have found that there are some modems that seem to be set or fixed at a download speed of 5 Mbps and there is nothing we can do to get them to go faster. Whether a Telmex tech can get them to run faster than that by changing some options, I do not know. But as you can see, the techs do not seem to know about the modems having a set download speed, or they would do something to help cure your problem. And it may be that these modems, like yours, have a fault that will not allow them to go above 5 Mbps. If your neighbor will allow you to do it, ask to borrow their modem and put it on your line. I would not be surprised if you find that you also get a download speed of 8 Mbps or greater using the neighbor’s modem on your line. Or if not the neighbor, see if you can borrow someone else’s. If you get the higher speed with another modem, you should ask Telmex for a replacement modem for yours. In particular, I am talking about the Huawei HG532e modem. And it is possible some of the earlier Huawei modems do the same thing. I have had, over time, two of those HG532e modems that would not go over 5 Mbps. In one case, I replaced it with another Hg532e and that gave me greater speed. In another case, I had another 532e that would not go over 5 Mbps and I replaced it with an earlier model Huawei modem and that also gave me a higher speed. The Internet speed test that most people go by is at www.speedtest.net. I’d say it is as good as, or better and a more accurate speed test, than Telmex’s.
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