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  1. Hola, Anyone have some moving boxes to get rid of one way or the other? Thanks
  2. Thanks, I totally understand. My car is Mexican plated so will not be turning in a TIP. Years ago I sold my Texas plated trailer to someone going north and asked him to show the bill of sale when he was turning in his TIP. A few years later I checked at the border and it was no longer attached to my car. It would be good if I could find a Mexican plated trailer. Thanks All.
  3. Need enclosed 5x8, 6x10 trailer. Can be Mexican plated.
  4. Still looking for trailer. I will be driving a Mexican plated car. Thanks
  5. Anyone have a enclosed trailer for sale? going north.
  6. Gracias everyone, looks like a good place, maybe better than Las Palmas. Thanks, Ed
  7. Hola, Still looking for someone that has used hotel halfway between Matehuls and Saltillo. Would like to know name so can make reservation. Gracias
  8. what is name of hotel, ever stayed there?
  9. Has any one noticed pemex truck stop between matehule and saltillo. What all is there?
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