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  1. Martin 33-314-053-3189 speaks English.
  2. I wonder how many people have dented the inside of the roof with their head by hitting the topes .
  3. Be careful. The small topes have been replaced by asphalt and have not been painted. I wonder how many people have now hit their heads on the roof inside their cars?
  4. Victor the man at the gas station does not like them either and does not know who put them in.
  5. My wife and I rented at the Raquet club when we first were in Ajijic a year and a half ago and used the pool consistently for physical fitness. We are no longer renting at the Raquet Club and have been denied access to the pool (I see one can pay a fee for tennis or pickle ball, but not the pool). We would like to make an arrangement with a Raquet Club member to be able to access the pool again. When we were able to use the pool it was always empty on the pool's cool days (Mon, Wed, Fri). We both need to swim laps for physical, mental and spiritual health. If you are willing to help us, you can private message me. Sam
  6. Finding a good car mechanic is as important as finding a good doctor or dentist. I have found one, Carlos Escalera. He has worked on my car twice now and I am happy with the work and the price. Carlos will give you a price when you drop off your car and a time when it will be done. Both times I had him work on my car he held to the price and the pick up time. He gives you a printed receipt and he takes credit cards. Carlos also speaks very good english. Multiservicios Automotriz - Escalear, Ave, Hidalgo #44-B, Riberas del Pilar - cel 33 3440 2412 My wife said it was the cleanest garage she has ever seen both in the US and here in Mexico.
  7. Seems kind of strange that one can get a pass for tennis and pickleball, but not the pool. The pool more often than not is empty during the week. Still hoping to find a way to use the pool in the mornings during the week.
  8. Thank you all for your responses. I will see at the gate if there are really fees to use the pool.
  9. Thanks for your spelling correction. Yes, I know about the hot times of the pool. That is why we only swam on Mon, Wed and Friday. I talked with the manager Ricardo a few weeks ago and he said there was no way to pay for access. Is he wrong? Gracias - Sam
  10. My wife and I like to swim during the week. A year ago we rented at the Racket Club and were able to use the pool. Now that we no longer rent there, we are not allowed to use the pool. Does anyone know if there is such at thing as a membership to use the Racket Club pool? By the way the pool during the week is often empty during the week. Often when we went to swim our laps there we were the only ones in the pool. Thanks in advance - Sam
  11. Magna at Riberas. Filled tank. No wait.
  12. I recently moved to Riberas and signed up with Telecable and they installed the Hitron CVE-30360 modem. It works, but the wifi is terrible, so I went to Steren and got internet cables and now it works like a charm. No down time. Yes, I had to run cables around our apartment, but it was worth it with faster down/up speeds and reliable connection.
  13. When my wife an I first arrived in Ajijic a year ago we rented at the Racket Club which included use of their wonderful pool. We are now in Riberas and are looking for a pool to swim laps in. Tried Montecarlo and the pool was a bit cool with a daily price of 100 pecos. Are there any other places we could swim that is reasonably priced? Thanks in advance - Sam
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