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  1. Does anyone know if there is a place to sign up for Seguro Popular in Jocotepec?
  2. Need to wire transfer money from my bank in the USA. Which local bank would you suggest (and not suggest) and why? Thanks much.
  3. Five weeks and one day later we got our notice to go and get our fingerprint done. Went to Chpala and did it. Was told that we need to physically (no email notice will be sent) go into the office in two weeks to pick up out permanente card.
  4. Where can I go to have a document faxed internationally?
  5. Thanks much Mx_Flwr. Will check it out
  6. I live in Jocotepec and am looking for a reliable and good gardener. I have a small garden which has some grass and plants will need pruning and weeding. It was take about 2 or so hours every other week. Gardener needs to have his own equipment. Gardener needs not to live in Joco just willing travel to here. Recommendations will be much appreciated.
  7. We started the process 3 weeks ago and were told that we would get an email within 2 weeks to go in for our fingerprint but if not, check with the office. We did not get an email after 2 weeks so we went in and check. We were told that within another week we would get a notice, This is the third week and still nothing. I have to remember that things here do go so very slowly and exercise patience☺️ .
  8. I did a search but found no up to date answers. Permanente application to fingerprinting, how long did it take you?
  9. This little gem is just wonderful and is so needed in Joco. Each time we have eaten there we were impressed and have not had a bad meal. We have told friends about Las Cortinas and they have not been disappointed either. The chocolate desert is to die for! They also have daily specials. A young couple owns this newly opened restaurant and the husband creates wonderful meals and will accommodate your request if not on the small but specializes menu. Their menu is on Facebook. No sign as yet but easy to find. Just before El Chante Spa hotel lakeside in little white strip mall at the entrance of Rancho San Jorge.
  10. Thank Gringal but will be over that way tomorrow so wanted to take advantage of a special.
  11. Does anyone knows of any restaurants that offers specials on Thursdays?
  12. Do I have to be a member to eat at the American Legion Restaurant?
  13. I am English speaking and am looking for an experienced, qualified Spanish teacher in or very close to Joco.
  14. I am English speaking and am looking for an experienced, qualified Spanish teacher in or very close to Joco.
  15. Ate at Restaurante Bar Jamon in San Juan Cosala this evening and all I can say is go and try it. Best food we have had Lakeside. Service was very good, atmosphere lovely and food was outstanding.
  16. Live in Jocotepec and felt it close to 8:30 am
  17. We have a large back patio we would like to have screened in with very fine mesh. It has a roof and 3 sides are enclosed and would like the 4th side to be screened. Any recomendations would be appreciated.
  18. Has anyone rented a vehicle one way from Laredo, TX to Guadalajara or Lakeside? If so which company and how was the experience?
  19. Any suggestions as to where I can get water filters for individual faucets to buy...eg. the kitchen, bathroom? Not interested in one for the whole house.
  20. Anyone knows where I can find stores selling West Indian/Caribbean food, seasonings, spices etc?
  21. In preparation for my Lakeside move, I would like recommendations the following English speaking Doctors: General Practitioner Dentist Ophthalmologist Thanks in advance.
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