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  1. Is there a pet or aquarium shop Lakeside or in Guadalajara that has a good selection of African cichlids? The ones we have visited are very limited. Thanks much
  2. A friend is moving Zapotiltic, about 1.5 hours away, and looking for a moving company. It needs to be one that can handle moving furnishing for a hugh house. Any recommendations is appreciated.
  3. Hi Manu, Could you send me a private message with your contact info?
  4. Roberto can do painting, fix plumbing, pools, a/c units, heaters, appliances and electrical. He is honest and his prices are fair. We and our friends have used him and have no complaints. His number is: (387) 763-1200
  5. Many years ago in Florida, an old lady told me to eat 7 gin ­čśësoaked yellow raisins (soak in a glass jar for two week. Do not keep in refrigerator) every morning. It took about 7-10 days for me to notice the amazing difference. It worked excellently for me then, and continues to do so now at this higher elevation. If I miss a day or two, the pain returns!
  6. Where is the Chapala Tianguis located? Is it on Tuesdays? Thanks much.
  7. Dr. Jessica Quintan´╗┐illa Flores definitely
  8. Dra Claudia Lilia Camacho Choza Hidalgo 271, Lourdes, 45900 Chapala, Jal. 01 33 3403 3857
  9. Where is there a concentration of modern art shops/galleries in Guadalajara? I have been to Tonala many times but did not see much of what I wanted.
  10. Where is there a concentration of modern art shops/galleries in Guadalajara? I have been to Tonala many times but did not see much of what I wanted.
  11. Warren Hardy books, flash cards or other products needed.
  12. Good question. He comes to us every 2 weeks now during the "rainy" season and will come once monthly during the dry season. You will find that his is comparable to others but his work is very good. Please give him a call and he will happily look at your space and give you a quote.
  13. April, he is at our home currently diligently working. I do hope those in need of a gardener call him.
  14. Sputnik recommend this gardener and I can't say enough about him. The name of his company is Barron Landscaping. Speaks perfect English, since he was raised in the USA, and does excellent work. Shows up when he says he is going to and owns a truck and his own equipment. I live in Joco and he willingly comes. You will not be dissapointed. His name is Ernesto Barron 331 267 9364
  15. He is fantastic! Will post his info again.
  16. Where exactly is "across from the park side"? Is there an address plz?
  17. We went to the Joco hospital last week to sign up and had all our documents (or so we thought) but was told that as of last month the law changes and at least husband must have a Mexican Drivers License
  18. Does anyone know if there is a place to sign up for Seguro Popular in Jocotepec?
  19. Need to wire transfer money from my bank in the USA. Which local bank would you suggest (and not suggest) and why? Thanks much.
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