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  1. How many people can hear the dogs barking all night at the new animal shelter?
  2. Need a watch band spring replaced. Any suggestions?
  3. There is a real nice one at Todo Bueno.
  4. Yes with Dr Haro. Had a compressed tooth looked at last week, and had a cleaning done yesterday. Dr Haro comes in from Guadalajara.
  5. Strom White was considerably less expensive, and the move was easy.
  6. Enrique Pineda just painted my house and I am very happy. 766-3496.
  7. Euro Service.332-016-6850. In Guadalajara . They have a web site. Have worked on my Toureg TDI.
  8. Where can I find a Coconut Cream pie?
  9. Where can I find a coconut cream pie?
  10. Yes you do. When they see where you are you will be set up with someone at the consulate in Guadalajara. She is very nice, and the process is simple. I did my part here on the telephone.
  11. Arroyo Alto paid their deposits 8 weeks ago . Telmex still has not started running cable.
  12. Guadalajara paper said that it is now delayed till January.
  13. Thanks. I put him back up .
  14. I have a baby Golondrina on my car port floor. Anybody save birds?
  15. I took a taxi to the walking bridge and walked over. After clearing immigration exit the building and take a right at the top of the hill. Taxis are a block away in front of the hotel.
  16. They are not open in the US
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