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  1. Hello are there any pitfalls to selling your house without a realtor ? 🙏 thanks
  2. Hello , does anyone have potted plants want to giveaway or for sale? Thanks and have a nice weekend
  3. Hello does anyone knows where to get a round window like this? Thanks so much
  4. An Empty house needs furniture ,if you have anything try to sell, please contact me. Here is what we need bedroom set Washer and dryer Mirrors livingroom furniture Indoor plants and outdoor plans dining table and chairs patio furniture thanks and you all have a great day
  5. Hello Does anyone want to sell a full size bed frame? Leave me a message,thanks and have a great day
  6. Does anyone have any unwanted paint to get rid of? Leave message below. Thanks!
  7. Some pictures of this house Sorry. I had to delete these pictures too. They were very nice by the way. I encourage you to send them via private message to any interested parties Mod5
  8. We offer a comfortable house on upper Ajijic. This home has two bedrooms 3 I hate to do this Jingshine because I appreciate your efforts, but because this Forum is funded by a real estate company, we a have a rule shown at the beginning of the Chapala/Ajijic/.Guadalajara forum stating that you are not allowed to post rental information about a rental property you wish to rent. However you are encouraged to send this information via private message. Again sorry. I know you meant well The mean Mod5
  9. Did you ever have your aljibe pumped out and cleaned? I did mine as it had quite a lot of sediment in it.
  10. Hello to all,FYI ,Walmart will delivery large item for free
  11. Does anyone have any old paint or arts supplies want to get rid of ? Thanks
  12. Hello friends, does Walmart has delivery service for the mattress? Thanks so much
  13. THanks so much for the information
  14. Hello dear friends, do you know where to do the eyelash extensions? Thank you so much
  15. Does anyone know a RELIABLE HOUSE PAINTER? One with a working phone number. It seems anyone worth their salt is booked up for months.
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