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  1. Afew years back I bought a Jeep in Ajijic. It was initially from the U.S and brought here to Mexico and legalized by previous owners. Now I want to take it back to the U. S. permanently. I currently have Jalisco plates and is registered here in Jalisco. What do I have to do to take and leave permanently in U.S. I am an American citizen and also have Permanent Resident status here in Mx. Thank you all in advance for your advice.
  2. Thank you all for your input. Just to clarify- I do have Jalisco plates and insurance. Points well taken and to be considered by others having the same storage needs.
  3. I will be returning to the States soon and I need a place to store my vehicle until my return in May of next year. Any ideas/suggestions where I could safely store it until I get back? Thanks in advance.
  4. Trying to get telephone number for Oscar(an upholsterer), can anyone help me? Thx in advance.
  5. Looking for an upholster to redo seats in my jeep. thank you in advance for your recommendations.
  6. Unable to reach you by phone. can you contact me? I am interested in your vehicle.

  7. Anyone out there can give me info on an upholsterer? I want to put in a new cushion in the bench seat in my Grand Cherokee. Thank you in advance.
  8. Been trying to reach you by phone but keeps going to voice mail. can u call me instead. US (219) 678-2400. Available now. Thx
  9. I am interested in bringing my quads atop of my trailer next time I come (May). Does anyone know what the expenses would be associated with this idea? ie Cost per quad, trailer cost... Would I be able to sell them here? All are plated in Arizona. If I can't sell them I would like to use them for local transportation. Any restrictions or special accommodations I need to know about? Thank you in advance.
  10. My thanks to all for your contributions.
  11. Can someone suggest a gas stove repairman please. Our gas pilot will not stay lit. Thanks in advance to all. Or best place to purchase a new stove? Price..., nearby?
  12. Requested same info via PM.  Thx.

  13. We recently made the drive from North Glendale, AZ. We stopped in Los Mochis at The Zar Hotel-close to carretera and pet friendly. Unbeknown to us the Federales must use this hotel as a strategic contact point. The place was loaded with Federal police and their vehicles. We felt extremely safe to say the least. If you decide on this place request 2nd flr room, 1st flr was noisy with activity from the police. We did ask front desk if some "sting" was in progress, to which they replied "No". Good luck and have a safe trip.
  14. I didn't hear that DACA is being cancelled and even if it is Mexico is doing the neighborly thing, neighbors helping neighbors. Quit being so negative about the help being offered!
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