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  1. Good to know -- thanks for the info!
  2. I had her do a speed test when we were writing up the offer and it was just shy of 10 mbps so I'm really, really happy! (Unless it was a fluke, then not-so-much.)
  3. The owner of the house is going to transfer their service to us, but I'm not sure she's going to leave the router or if they even have a router. I suppose they could use an ethernet cable and not use WiFi (they are an older couple with a Shaw receiver and dish on the roof). Hmmm, could be interesting.
  4. Just arrived Lakeside a couple of months go and am waiting to move into our house. Just read the thread about the problems getting routers from Telmex so my question is will the Eero router I brought down with me work or will I need a Telmex router? It's been forever since I set up the WiFi in our NOB house and I'm anything but a techie. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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