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  1. Large table is 63x63 inches, clean lines, dark wood. Chairs are upholstered in dark brown Naugahyde. In excellent condition. Must sell because it is too large for our apartment. $12.000 pesos OBO. Call to come see: 33 34 83 9200
  2. Luis has helped us many times with our technical Apple computers/iPads and cellular dilemmas here in Ajijic. I can vouch that he and his wife are competent, honest, and willing to help others. It's too bad that gossip is rife in this small community, and gets in the way of us treating each other with the respect and consideration we all deserve. Luis y Huetzin, ¡muchas gracias y buena suerte!
  3. We now have a cat! After going to Anita's Cat Sanctuary and petting a NUMBER of wonderful candidates, we decided to also visit Friends of Animals / Riberas Pet Store while we were still making that important decision to adopt, and look into their cat shelter as well. There we found Mango, an American Shorthair (we think) with calico markings. She is getting settled in our home now, and is a very quiet, sweet 2-year-old adult who was rescued after being hit by a car. We are grateful to Anita and Sue for caring for so many worthy cats.
  4. We appreciate the helpful and heartfelt responses to our post about finding an adult cat, and we are grateful to Anita at Anita's Cat Sanctuary, and Sue at Friends of Animals/Riberas Pet Store for offering numerous beautiful cats shelter, food, care and safety. Just before Thanksgiving, we found Mango patiently waiting to be noticed in the cat shelter at Friends of Animals/Riberas Pet Store. She now roams our home, noticing every nook and cranny, alerting to all the new sounds, finding new hiding places, and quietly watching her strange new humans as we go about our daily activities. She is a calico-colored American Shorthair (guessing her breed). Cat lovers, please remember to support and promote the two fabulous organizations we visited who offer safe haven to soooooo many beautiful cats. Mango will be well-loved. .
  5. I hope many puppies & dogs are adopted by kind people who respect their "mascotas" (pets). QUESTION for the board: has anyone successfully used the animal abuse reporting process with the municipality of Chapala to report animal abuse? How has the information changed with the new municipal government? There is a tragic puppy farm across from my rental home, and each of 10+ dogs is chained to a tree with 2-3 feet of chain. They are seldom fed, and very skinny. They live in hell. I want to help them, but I'm new in town and need someone's experienced advice, please.
  6. Sonia, are you aware of anyone in Lakeside who offers a service to legalize a car? We have a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan we'd like to legalize, and were given two names to contact: Tim Welch and Jayme Littlejohn. Do you know of them?
  7. Miriam, are you still offering Spanish lessons? I want to begin in the New Year.
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