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  1. Very possible suegarn. I don't even remember now where I saw it posted.
  2. All I know/heard HarryB is that it was on November 5th, 2pm at the Casa de la Cultura, sponsored by the new Presidente.. Sorry I don't have more than that.
  3. HarryB, it is my understanding that an infrastructure meeting was held on Nov. 5th, similar to this Transito one, Town Hall style. Do you have any information regarding it? What was discussed? Decisions that were made?
  4. Thanks HarryB for helping to get the word out. My letter was written and delivered last week. I sure hope all of those that have been a victim/targeted do the same.
  5. My mistake for not being more specific. Glad you found it.
  6. There has been a lot of discussion regarding this on some of the local Facebook pages. The answer is yes, your friend is correct. Those pulling you over and requesting money will tell you that the vanity frame obscures the license plate, which is illegal. Spencer has posted recently, what and what is not considered ticket-able driving offenses (can't remember where I saw it) but this was definitely on the "don't do" list. Perhaps he will chime in here.
  7. She is old, she is cranky, do we all not run the risk of being the same at some point? She advocates for injured and abandoned animals, and I want to believe this was a one off. Instead of slamming her, why not go out of your way to offer her assistance, help her understand the error of her action, not by violence, not by throwing shit at her, but by kind words and guidance. I posted her name and photo to help the caretaker and Taaffe identify her and get the proper help they need in resolving this issue. Update: Two wrongs don't make a right, but this is her response about what happened from another page. From Ellie Egan TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO RESPONDED ON CHAPALAS WEBBOARD ABOUT WOMAN THROWS DOG FECES ON CARETAKER. please listen to my side of the story. On Saturday, like many other days I took my dogs to the football field to exercise. A few weeks ago when I started going there I noticed tons of garbage everywhere so brought large plastic bags and every day filled it with plastic bottles, beer botles and other items, I also collected garbage at the edge of the lake, where this man would never go. THIS caretaker harassed me the whole time I was there, following me everywhere and taking pictures of me and my dogs. He told me the day before and again on Sat that he wished that foreiners would not go there with their dogs,because THEY dont pick up after their dogs. I was so furious, tried to show him my poop bag with the poop I collected, but he would not stop to listen, so through the bag after him, unfortunately, it hit his shirt. A few older MEXICANS who are always in that park, thanked me every day for collecting the garbage. By the way the garbage I threw on the field was the garbage I collected at the lake, thought he might wanted to see what I did. By the way I could not respond on CHAPALA WEBBOARD FOR SOME REASON, SO DO HOPE THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO SO NICELY CONDEMNED ME WILL READ THIS
  8. Use your home address, and include the cross streets of your location.
  9. That's the thing, I don't have or use SiteLock. I thought it was this web-board that used it?
  10. Me too! I get the attached message on my laptop. The only way I can get in is to back door it via a cached version in my history.
  11. A lady on Facebook shared this email she received from CFE with the current Riberas electrical upgrade information.
  12. If you have any military affiliation, i recommend USAA. Monthly cash back on ATM transactions, debit and credit cards, user friendly online everything, rapid customer service.
  13. They are outside my house this evening in Riberas. I spoke to them and they told me it is Telecable, has nothing to do with Walmart or the new hospital. It is being wired from Ajijic to Chapala, and Telecable hopes to have it completely up, functional, and available to the public in a couple of months. Looks like Ilox may have some competition if this pans out.
  14. Outside my house now (in Riberas), a young man also told me fibra óptica and that it is for television, telephone, and internet. It is a very large black cable that they are installing. I forgot to ask which company.
  15. When I signed up two years ago, they told the same thing. Go when you are sick and take many copies of the paperwork with you, never give away the original paperwork. Thank goodness i am healthy and havent had to use it yet. Perhaps it is different for those that have pre-existing conditions or are in need of immediate care for a current illness.
  16. Very happy to hear that Cora is OK now. Good info to share and thank you Ferret!
  17. In Riberas? Dark red? I believe it is my gardeners. He will be back on Tuesday and I will ask him to move it.
  18. We are without landline once again this morning in Riberas, near 7-11. Chatting with a friend in Villa Nova and I asked her to check her phone. She is without now as well. WTH is goin' on !
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