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  1. I believe he has opened the new place a couple of doors down, Cafe Libertad. Maybe start there?
  2. Yup. Just east of the main Glorieta on the south side in la Floresta and in front of HSBC on the north side of the Carretera.
  3. They don't generally take plates in Jalisco for infractions, but if you are involved in an accident or fender bender and don't stop, the victims, if they see you doing it, may follow you and take the plate.
  4. This morning they were in Riberas near the Container Restaurant. Flatbed truck loaded up with motorcycles, about 5 police vehicles, and orange cones in the road.
  5. FOUND AND BACK HOME! LOST DOG Escaped from home in Lower la Floresta. Last seen at 4:30 Wednesday. Female shepherd, named Che. Her mom and dad are worried sick, if you see her please call Norma at 333. 137. 0263. Che will come if called and she is a friendly girl but may be frightened. Her home is located on Paseo del Prado.
  6. Very possible suegarn. I don't even remember now where I saw it posted.
  7. All I know/heard HarryB is that it was on November 5th, 2pm at the Casa de la Cultura, sponsored by the new Presidente.. Sorry I don't have more than that.
  8. HarryB, it is my understanding that an infrastructure meeting was held on Nov. 5th, similar to this Transito one, Town Hall style. Do you have any information regarding it? What was discussed? Decisions that were made?
  9. Thanks HarryB for helping to get the word out. My letter was written and delivered last week. I sure hope all of those that have been a victim/targeted do the same.
  10. My mistake for not being more specific. Glad you found it.
  11. There has been a lot of discussion regarding this on some of the local Facebook pages. The answer is yes, your friend is correct. Those pulling you over and requesting money will tell you that the vanity frame obscures the license plate, which is illegal. Spencer has posted recently, what and what is not considered ticket-able driving offenses (can't remember where I saw it) but this was definitely on the "don't do" list. Perhaps he will chime in here.
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