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  1. Global research center which is the source for your two previous posts is a well known conspiracy theory website which regularly posts articles proven to be complete falsehoods…. kinda / sorta like yourself…stands to reason they would be one of your sources. Do you not realize that your continued opposition to vaccination and your ridiculous posts will probably lead to the death of some poor dumbass who thinks there is an element of truth in your vitriol. on many occasions lately the morning news has brought a smile to my face as another vocal anti vaccine :() has bit the dust .
  2. I saw the brushes …obvious ….I made a donation to the workers yesterday. Harry if you think an 8000 peso request for materials to varnish a 30 x 30 ft wooden bridge…I have another bridge I’d like to sell you….no wonder the administration is always looking for money.
  3. Merck the company that invented and developed invermectin one of the world’s largest research and development Pharmaceuticals companies has done extensive research on its effectiveness against the COVID virus so far Nothing and obviously it would be a multi billion dollar coup for them….even a hint would be worth a fortune …hey at least it probably won’t kill you .
  4. What other materials are necessary …obviously non are being used… I gave 100 pesos myself for the labour, .my question is what was the 8000 pesos request actually for , obviously not for less than a gallon of sealer , two used brushes ,sandpaper and thinner…. that’s less than 2000 pesos…..just saying .
  5. Stopped by this morning…bridges / walkways are in great shape ,a couple of half gallons sealer / varnish plus the inevitable can of thinner……….8000 pesos ?…the two workers collecting donations…..
  6. I would be glad to do the work myself and pay for the materials on the two bridges…as for the benches..of which there are probably well over 50 … less than a dozen need repairs..however they could all use a little stain or paint annually which they don’t get . If any money is contributed it should probably be spent on trimming the queen palms which are in terrible condition.
  7. Although I have been up north for a couple of weeks or so I normally walk those two bridge a minimum of 40 - 50 times a week and have done so for more than ten years. It’s been about 3 years since they were restored…. Over the years between a dozen restaurants and numerous homes in Florida I have maintained and replaced hundreds if not thousands of feet of 2x4 or 2x6 walkways ( a much worse climate for wood walkwayss) . To the best of my recollection …( I will check tomorrow both over and under ) .they are in wonderful condition…all they need is a little sanding and a couple of coats of Johnson’s water sealer… so don’t be in such a hurry to send dollars just yet…sounds like a waste or a partial scam to me .
  8. And you wonder why you are always at the doctor……
  9. We both tested at Soriano this A M ….arrived at about 9 .15 left 20 minutes later …test results arrived on our e mail about 2 hours later …less than 1000 pesos…really efficient .
  10. Jim Bowie….I’m glad you find.my post humorous…..it is so easy to be cavalier when you hide behind some cute “ nom de plume “ perhaps you might feel a little different if a close friend, family member , or a child died gasping for air on a ventilator due to the way these governors ignored common sense science.
  11. Shame… both he and Desantis should face criminal charges…..for reckless endangerment of human life…leading to the deaths of thousands who mistakenly listened to their disastrous policies .
  12. I walk my dog along the Ajijic malecon Monday through Saturday between 10 and 12 AM… The bathrooms are almost always open and I see the attendant cleaning , raking and watering the surrounding area … like most things in Mexico the times of opening tend not to be exact .
  13. Don’t you get it…..people would really like to hear about your research and observations even believe it or not your opinions ,no one will nail you to the cross…” the ladies don’t want me to “….get a grip
  14. I understand the connection between antibodies and immunity however no one really knows just how many antibodies people with minor cases and the a symptomatic really produce , not to mention how long those antibodies last .
  15. ..One of the first premises of this particular article on why vaccines should not be mandated is of course completely false …it uses the word “ immune “ even without variants no one is immune … the completely vaccinated , people with comprised immune systems , children under the age of 12 who cannot be vaccinated and many others for a multitude of reasons who can never be … “ immune “ As the delta variant and perhaps new variants appear on the horizon …mandated vaccinations for certain segments of the population should and will happen ..probably soon .
  16. A couple of years ago when we had a problem we tried boric acid and it did help, however someone recommended max force, Which can be purchased at most hardware stores. This product eliminated them….. anytime we see one,we repeat the process . I wish we would’ve had this product when we lived in Florida.
  17. Is Mexico the only “ somewhat civilized “ country that does not require a vaccine , quarantine or a negative test to enter….I can’t decide who’s the dumbest Amlo or Mainecoones……
  18. Just the usual repetitive B S one has grown to expect from cedros …start a thread with a question then contradict anyone who answers.
  19. Just below our house in Ajijic is What can at best be called an “ urban farm “ A large piece of vacant land populated by goats horses and chickens etc. etc. Over the weekend the mare passed away… Unfortunately she has a 2 to 3 month old foal . It does appear that it is eating some grass however it still needs milk. I have done the research and I am not looking for opinions or alternatives just a source of fresh goats milk…..obviously I am willing to pay and will pick up ASAP…"thank you.
  20. I am personally sure that Gringal and many others have glutamate allergies….so many people have allergies legitimate and otherwise due to our food additives , chemicals ,pollution and so many other contributing factors in modern society. However it is impossible to avoid MSG / glutamates as they occur naturally in almost every food we eat . Foods like Parmesan , anchovies, almonds and cured meats….even various tomato products all have really high concentrations of glutamates …So does Chinese food deserve its bad rap…for the vast majority of people…? don’t even think about it .
  21. The brew house was using basa when I tried their fish and chips ( only once ) I forgot to ask .
  22. Looks to me like CNBC business on Shaw has disappeared , the same as several other channels recently…Bloomberg business is on 257 but it’s not even close to CNBC….could be the last straw for us ..we will probably start researching alternatives..I hate to lose that network.
  23. The small wheels of Brie can easily be marinated and fried or better yet on the charcoal/ gas grill .
  24. Lakeside ..the death rate ratio due to traffic accidents per hundred thousand population..in Mexico is actually lower than the USA . In fact traffic deaths in the USA are the leading cause of death for people below 55 .
  25. Mexa bistro may just give Teocintle a run for their money….dinner this week was really enjoyable …. Modern Mexican cooking, a wide range of choices… Price is similar to Teocintle ( upper range ) ,service was good ,With a reasonably priced wine list . I had a duck Carnitas taco , and a braised brisket with roasted onions ,potatoes and a light mole sauce….both really good ( no bits and pieces of miserable chicken here ..Andy p ). Also nice to see fish other than salmon being served… Grouper was the daily special.
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