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  1. Was in super lake this a.m. looking for English muffins ...saw plenty of loaves of light rye in the freezer section
  2. It’s a four step process. Number one cut size does matter in this case ....but I’m not gonna get Into that… Number two..rinse and dry to get rid of the surface Number three ...Blanch in Oil At about 325 Fahrenheit until potato is softened but not colored in order to get rid of internal water . Let the french fries cool a little. Number four ..reheat the oil to 375 F and crisp fry...do not crowd the basket etc ...you will lower the temp of the oil . The term blanching is also used to denote the first cook at the lower temp in professional cooking .
  3. In this case completely wrong ..but nice try ..
  4. When one generalizes ...one is generally wrong ...as in this case.....p. s the lake is full of tilapia.
  5. Ian Greenwood


    Lilliput has by far the better product....also has several other home made sausage products.
  6. A Two friends of mine both recently had hip replacement surgery locally ...it cost them around 20 thousand USD ,...just saying...?
  7. Now that that the virus has moved into the gringo / ex pat community in Ajijic perhaps some of the naysayers will begin to take it a little more seriously....not necessary to freak out...but just a little common sense...?
  8. Stopped by this morning at about 1130 whilst walking through La Floresta... About 20+… Vendors instead of the usual 100+… Very few customers either.... But definitely bigger and busier than last week .
  9. Why does this not surprise me.....12 years ago the peso was about 10 to the dollar ...lately and for awhile it’s around 20 ..so actually never minding inflation you’re cost of paying your “ wonderful family “ has progressively gone down and you are now paying them less than you did 10 years ago.....congratulations you’ve made a profit...
  10. Whilst hiking the mountains this last couple of weeks we have been confronted on several occasions by groups of local ejidos , who tell us where we can and can’t hike along with other instructions...doesn’t really bother me ...we just use other trails but it does surprise me to see them denying Mexicans access.. ( .we’re not talking the ceremonial grounds ) ..Probably one of the reasons the hiking groups were disbanded .I thought the mountains like the beaches were open to all Mexicans....sign of the times...maybe..?
  11. P S....even lamb should be aged for at least a week - ten days before cooking..
  12. The best legs of lamb for roasting come from the hind quarter ( rear )...unfortunately that is also the hardest working muscle ...the harder the muscle works the tougher the meat gets which is the main reason we want young spring lamb for roasting . The term spring lamb refers to lambs born in the fall or winter which are the best age to eat in the spring...4 - 6 months old . Bone in is probably the easiest, roast 375 to 400°… Remove from oven when lamb is about 130 or 125 for rare cover with foil and let sit 10 - 15 mins while you make the jus . Carve in thin slices especially if on the rare side across the grain . American lamb tends to be larger as is slaughtered older and often grain fed which can produce a milder flavor , but still tender product .... The longer and slower you cook a leg of lamb the tougher it gets . Best to check the Internet for carving instruction space.
  13. Anyone who thinks these checkpoints are a joke is an :()...go to the Chapala malecon on Saturday afternoon...the Ajijic malecon and square on Sunday afternoon ..totally deserted even this last couple of weeks when the restaurants have been partially open . ..Maybe you people don’t get out much .
  14. You can order a leg of lamb from the lamb butcher/farmer at The Tuesday farmers market inLa Huerta.. It definitely looks younger than a yearling....In order to minimize the chew don’t cook it well done leave it pink in the middle
  15. Due to our altitude water boils at about 94 degrees here....this affects cooking times as well as finished product especially with dried foods....a pressure cooker should negate the difference, otherwise just cook it longer and longer.....with plenty of liquid ..
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