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  1. Just picked up a wonderful tray of chicken enchiladas, moist, lightly spiced just a well prepared dish enough for three or four people came with a large Tossed salad from blue Rose bistro not necessarily cheap 395 Pesos . A heavy duty ,aluminum tray ...cooking instructions.”...Come on “ folks support your local restaurants ...before they’re gone .
  2. Driving from the west pass C/C turn right at light ( San Jose..?) towards the lake ...about 1/2 block....no real sign of course...it’s on the left ...looks like a shuttered garage ...just like the old Perry’s ....tiny sandwich board...maybe? ...Pizza was great...N Y style crust...
  3. No need to worry ....there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.....either another train coming this way or a big bad bullet ....anyway we’re probably screwed ...
  4. Just picked up a wonderful looking pizza from purple garlic brothers in San Antonio...he said he didn’t want to open but has run out of cash getting his new location ready .Just down the street ( San Jose ..?) from the light at the Coca Cola plant about 1/2 bock ...3310913385......they need all the hope they can get......at the moment they are not delivering . ...before the trolls arrive ...bathed in alcohol and quarantined myself in the car and used the horn to signal my arrival .
  5. All delivered food can be eaten safely with just a few precautions and a few minutes patience . Remove the food from the containers and place in your own pots pans or cooking utensils. Get rid of the packaging and wash or sanitize your hands .Place food in preheated oven or stovetop and bring to a boil ....once the temp passes 165 you’re save....microwaves can work but they tend to heat unevenly. For obvious reasons salads and sandwiches should be avoided .....the easiest and most successful dishes would be soups stews sauced items ,pizza ,Chinese ,BBQ ...just think what’s easy to reheat .
  6. Pharmacy next to El Torino had plenty yesterday
  7. Most local drugstores stock denatured alcohol ( 70 % )....costs next to nothing ...fold paper towels and soak ....place in ziplock bags and take everywhere. Use after after interaction with every person , place , or thing ....place back in bag , making sure to rehydrate . After spending the last 10days in airports and on planes etc ....we have become very conscientious with the process and expect it to be the new norm ...at least for a while .
  8. Without a doubt my favorite restaurant in town .....consistent food....yes consistent food ...not often found in the Chapala area ...the prices... not cheap...but I feel appropriate , considering they specialize in fresh seafood ...the price of which has mushroomed over the past year or two . A CHEF lives here...
  9. Mostly Lost....maybe you should stay permanently lost ...my post was just meant to warn anyone without scam experience of the possibilities .. 20 years....? new internet scams evolve by the day ....to be forewarned is to be forearmed .
  10. People here are discussing the worlds most precious asset the availability of potable water and half of the usual assholes are arguing over spelling and pronunciation .....if you have nothing either relative or intelligent to add ......can’t you just keep quiet for once .
  11. This morning at about 9 30 am I received a call on our Magic jack line . An automated caller identified the source as the Social Security Administration .calling to let me know my S / S number had been associated with criminal activity and my account was about to be frozen . An agent would be on the line momentarily to discuss my problem....moments later the “ agent “ came on the line ....I told him I had no intention of discussing any supposed problem without identity verification . I asked for a phone and agent number saying I would call back...instant click . My point and warning is that after 30 years in the restaurant business dealing with these agencies SSA..IRS...etc.. they never call you ... they just send you hate mail..... continually!
  12. So nice to see such a positive , informative review....unfortunately “ the harpies “ will probably arrive soon .
  13. Is it any wonder that so many people laugh at this board....when..a post about the relocation of purple garlic pizza turns into an $%&/()ic argument over the exact location of dominos...... who really cares ...get a life or a new hobby ..can’t we keep it about the. FOOD.
  14. Yes It’s rustic , not for everyone...definitely “ Mexicana “ However we enjoy the food especially the stuffed fish ...the family is super friendly and really tries hard . When we lose all these rustic family restaurants we will have lost Mexico .Just across the street is what I consider to be the best food I have had in Chapala...Letra ch ...a different style of restaurant ( two story yellowish building ) about 5 minutes past the railway station .
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