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  1. dropped a shirt of there Tuesday …no problem..ready next Tuesday..
  2. Professional tailor opposite Memos vet ,next to gift shop on constitution…
  3. Not very reassuring.. two very minor showers this week…two power outages….hope it’s not the shape of things to come…
  4. Great photo… about 10 years ago I was drinking with Boyd Simpson ( RIP ) watching the sun go down on a beautiful fall night at the next counter to Pedro Loco as the Mexicans called him . I believe the bar was called tequila republic but that might have been another one of its reincarnations. Boyd and Pedro knew each other having been around for many years, I believe they were both lawyers in Toronto at one time. By that time Pedro was mostly incommunicado, he had a minder with him who paid his bill and loaded him in the back of a small cart harnessed to vino blanco and away they plodded off into his sunset…..
  5. I walk past the building Six days a week…..this is a well known Mexican restaurant corporation that has operated Argentinian restaurants for many years in several locations …over the last few days there have been a minimum of 8 -10 workers with professional construction equip…..obviously corporate money….new floors , walls roofing are all underway…keeping my fingers crossed…always loved the place .
  6. why not use pregrown sod …it’s available all over town …costs next to nothing..comes ready to use and easy to replace …grass seed can be difficult to deal with .
  7. Jim Bowie…. As a matter of fact the USA GDP for 2019 the last year of the previous administration was 2.1 %..one of the lowest in many years as it began to slide down the toilet due to the pandemic The USA GDP for 2021 was 5.7% .The high rate of inflation in the USA is partially due to the rise in productivity ,wages and the broken supply chain due to the pandemic. Inflation is caused entirely by supply and demand and at the moment the demand far exceeds the supply . Most of the western democracies are suffering a somewhat similar rate of inflation as they to experience supply issues . Global oil production in 2021 surpassed 2019 and will increase in 2022 to an all-time high. The US oil production in 2021 was close to the all-time high of 2019 and will exceed both those figures in 2023.. The cost of oil extraction in the US is approximately $35-$50 a barrel depending on its source…. With the cost of oil over $100 per barrel please tell me just who is screwing the pooch .
  8. Ian Greenwood


    Sounds like a heart attack on a plate to me….
  9. I buy a multi vitamin eye supplement which contains both of the ingredients you mention along with beta carotene from mascaras….Citamicjahvs .
  10. In the US depending on your income in many states it is not easy to qualify for Obama care ..the affordable care act …if not health insurance begins around $ 400 per month with deductibles..and very often can be double that or much more for a comprehensive plan . …Big line taxation for health care as you call it in Canada or the the UK is minimal in comparison .
  11. Tom..isn’t it a rather long drive from Greenville just to get prime beef or do you just need a good excuse to come back…Ian
  12. I prefer the taste and texture of the dirty potatoes….I imagine they are a type of russet …the weather in the Mexican border states is cold enough to grow russets just as in Texas…there is even a Mexican russet growers association.
  13. The shrimp burger for sure..brioche bun ..crispy bacon cheddar….it goes on . I think the marlin at Baja Norte is much better. Love the tuna at Las Palmas .
  14. I saw them moving kitchen equipment ( stoves etc ) into the new location yesterday….despite all kinds of problems they managed to make their present location a success…they obviously think outside the box so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them open early December. I too love these new style restaurants springing up all over town …I long ago grew tired of the many pseudo salmon and steak restaurants…wishing them lots of luck .
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