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  1. Sorry for not including that info....it was the 4....Lydia is the person who obtains and administers the various vaccines at LCS l believe.
  2. Just received our flu shots last week at Lydia‘s medical supply store , 750 pesos.... I believe she is expecting another delivery of the vaccine in the not to distant future.
  3. Maybe you’re right ...but between 20 - 30 of our Canadian friends intend to be here...some later than usual and for a shorter period than normal ,but still coming...
  4. Very interesting......but why hasn’t it happened in previous years....?...these ..” sun outages “ a new thing....?
  5. Hey Chris..our e mail is...ianandjen88@gmail.com
  6. The menu has at least 30 - 40 different items ...many of which are not just Cuban but Of a wider Caribbean Influence .
  7. Uptight.....see what I mean....however I resemble those remarks ( or did perhaps)...My wife says you forgot...###....e .
  8. I had to pull up my Italian Basil plants a couple of weeks ago...too much wood and insects..this week it’s time for the Thai basil to go .I like to replant before the end of the rainy season...my problem is I can’t find either ...have been to three nurseries....anyone seen any ?
  9. Uptight... on several other food / restaurant blogs Robertos Cuban pork dishes have been well liked ,not to mention rick ,Heidi and myself . You post on almost every blog on most of the forums ...the vast majority of which are negative. ..” A bit ago “ ...” wold “....” affect “ ...was this post perhaps written during ..happy hour...again ."..... Gringal....” unconvincing at least “ sounds like he’s on trial....for his pork . Rafter.....I sometimes miss throwing obnoxious customers and amateur food critics out of my res
  10. As restaurant after restaurant closes due to lockdown and virus restrictions reviews of this nature are unnecessary .and only cause further financial burdens . What do they achieve...nothing...if you have a bad experience don’t go back ....
  11. Please clarify (. You’re not usually short of words ) what do you disagree with...the dumb asses , the malanga fritters or the the composition of aCuban sandwich.... “ barely it “ ....perhaps you’re a little more familiar with the McDonalds attempt in the early 2000 ‘s... hold the ketchup..please....one has to wonder did you ever live in a Cuban neighborhood.
  12. Thank you so much Heidi n Rick ....sorry about all the dumb asses that answered your post ...the Cuban Sandwich , Malanga fritters ,black beans .. the real deal... definitely a return visit ...lots of interesting choices on the menu . If you don’t like this Cuban Sandwich it’s because you don’t know what a Cuban Sandwich is..
  13. Bisbee gal ...they are frozen ,individually packed and quite large.....and no Chillin you cannot dry age or roast them !
  14. So easy to critique... I suggest you read or reread Roosevelts speech..... The man in the arena . .
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