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  1. So...” computer guy , gringal and several others “ the whole crux of your definitive interpretation of this law is the “ Service Area “ Verbatim gringal says..Widely substantiated ,exact law ,computer guy says , it’s all service area ..R V gringo . Absolute B S of course...as Kellyanne says alternative facts . When I first came here twelve years ago ...few restaurants mostly mediocre at best .These days ..so many more choices some vastly improved .They all need business..not enough to go around .They can’t afford to be exclusionary every seat in a chair enables them to carry on..keep the doors open ,feed their families. Don’t sweat the small stuff...ignore the odd pooch ,enjoy what time you have left ! ..as one by one we creep to rest .
  2. So many of you keep wittering about the law , the law....have any of you actually seen the law or better yet seen a definitive transalation of this law not to mention the correct interpretation ....highly doubtful I suspect. Ambiguity seems to be the norm with many Mexican laws . I tolerate the laws that are tolerable And tend to ignore the ones I find stupid.
  3. I believ the Mexican law indicates ..that dogs are not allowed in service areas... After dealing with every aspect of planning , building ,and renovating over thirty restaurants in the last forty years l can assure you 100 % whether you like it or not ..” Service areas according to the FDA and many other state and federal licensing entities are areas within a restaurant where food is prepared , stored and received , including but not limited too , dish washing areas , laundry storage , liquor and wine storage , back bar areas and waiter preparation areas “ These areas must have adequate drainage , approved wall and flooring coverage...... it goes on and on as you can imagine , however the telling line is how it finishes....these areas should have some form of separation from the dining and public access areas ....
  4. Ian Greenwood


    Just bought two last week at la Paz ..not many left ,they have been stocking it now for about a year .Its in the beer refrigerators .
  5. Yes Rafter most countries in Europe do allow dogs access to restaurants, however it does tend to be at the discretion of the restaurant owner and is not a common sight except perhaps in more rural pubs , bars and cafes. All of my restaurants were in Florida . I never allowed dogs in the actual dining room except service dogs not comfort dogs , which wasn’t much of a problem as the vast majority of customers do not expect to bring dogs into fine dining restaurants. In several of my restaurants l did allow dogs on my outdoor patios which is the only area I would take my dog . My reason for “breaking balls “ here is because l believe it is up to the restaurant owner to decide on his own rules and if customers don’t like the rules they can go elsewhere. I didn’t hesitate to enforce my rules ... first you embarrass them , then you throw them out .
  6. Ian Greenwood


    I buy my Navarro extra sharp cheddar from La Paz liquor store ,but they too tend To run out from time to time .
  7. Seriously..Emilia’s great little restaurants, definitely worth a visit even if there is an odd canine or two !
  8. Hmmm. car - pe - di -em. Used as an exclamation to urge someone to make the most of their days because life and the future are fleeting... In short form “ Webster - Collins modern usage “.....get a life ! Seems like it fits perfectly to me.
  9. One thing is for sure gringal ,computer guy...whenever I walk into a restaurant in Mexico and see a dog contentedly licking his balls I’ll smile and think of you both...Carpe Diem ...before it seizes you .
  10. First of all “ computers guy “ we have been here over 10 years hardly newbies . I haven’t posted over 10 ,000 times because I have a life an active life., ,perhaps that is another old “ non sequitur “ If as you say I don’t “ get it “ thank goodness ! My food and classes speak for themselves....Carpe diem...
  11. This thread added to a restaurant review as you very well know happens constantly , the same groups...for and against argue each time .There will be no change...the result will be the same..this is a “ dog town”. If a restaurants policies bother you ...go somewhere else. As for my food...the cooking classes have a real long waiting list so one more or less is no sweat .
  12. Just wondering on the off chance that any of you chronic complainers ever receive a dinner party invite... if so do you question the host about their various pet situations ( cats ,dogs , birds ,donkeys ) before attending...probably not it’s a free dinner...you could always whine later .
  13. Seems to me lakeside 7 you read it...somewhat thought about it ? then replied...probably took you longer than the poster with less purpose.This is surely the type of information actually relevant to our daily lives here at Lakeside...rather than the usual back and forth bull....t between the same perpetual posters . Water supply should be one of the most important topics .
  14. Ian Greenwood


    Rack of Lamb.. Tangos , not cheap but the real thing . Costs about $30 in the U S .
  15. Love it...3 visits ..3 for 3...fish burritos, fish tacos ...reasonable wine prices and no Basa ! What’s not to like..they even play reggae. Just wish they opened later at night .
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