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  1. The brew house was using basa when I tried their fish and chips ( only once ) I forgot to ask .
  2. Looks to me like CNBC business on Shaw has disappeared , the same as several other channels recently…Bloomberg business is on 257 but it’s not even close to CNBC….could be the last straw for us ..we will probably start researching alternatives..I hate to lose that network.
  3. The small wheels of Brie can easily be marinated and fried or better yet on the charcoal/ gas grill .
  4. Lakeside ..the death rate ratio due to traffic accidents per hundred thousand population..in Mexico is actually lower than the USA . In fact traffic deaths in the USA are the leading cause of death for people below 55 .
  5. Mexa bistro may just give Teocintle a run for their money….dinner this week was really enjoyable …. Modern Mexican cooking, a wide range of choices… Price is similar to Teocintle ( upper range ) ,service was good ,With a reasonably priced wine list . I had a duck Carnitas taco , and a braised brisket with roasted onions ,potatoes and a light mole sauce….both really good ( no bits and pieces of miserable chicken here ..Andy p ). Also nice to see fish other than salmon being served… Grouper was the daily special.
  6. Andy Pandy….do you honestly think after eating my way around the world several times dining at many of the best Indian restaurants not to mention learning how to make many traditional Indian dishes from scratch ( NO GRAVIES ) that I would ever accept “ bits of chicken meant for stock “ and be happy with it ? get a grip or a better still a life . As for my career …check it out ( google is your friend ) …a dozen or so restaurants all 2 or 3 stars….better get a drink and a sandwich it may take a while….. meanwhile why don’t you go try it… If then you don’t enjoy your bits of chicken you will at least have a little credibility.
  7. Andy p….. even for you… Critiquing a restaurant’s policies that you have never been to or experienced is a new low or perhaps not…. Chillin….. your speculations about two or three “ gravies “ made several days in advance is just that..pure speculation …and please as a saucier for several years before becoming Chef….. “ gravies “ are something your mother probably made .
  8. Unfortunately I have a healthy appetite and there was more than enough chicken on my plate…along with excellent naan and a very tasty samosa … my wife took enough home for her lunch the next day .( refused my help to finish )
  9. We Just enjoyed a great Indian dinner in their outdoor area …. Traffic noise wasn’t too bad… Food was great… Service was attentive and the prices were very reasonable … we ordered spice level six was perfect for us… moderately hot .
  10. Also highly recommend …. Hyaluronic acid injections in the right knee administered by Dr. Gonzalez the orthopedic surgeon at the San Antonio hospital. A series of three injections over a three-week period usually last me between eight and 12 months. The total cost is approximately 5000 pesos . Game changer for me as I walk 4 or 5 miles every day and hike the mountains onthe weekend…… hoping it puts a knee replacement surgery off for at least a couple more years or more .
  11. Casa Linda…. Braised short ribs, duck confit, great fish dishes… Sunday breakfast, bloody Mary’s and much more . Ambience, service and professional management…. Rio Bravo …west Ajijic.
  12. Yes…5 or 6 tables comfortably spaced undercover .
  13. We had a wonderful Mexican dinner ( again ) last night at Teocintle Maiz…..( Ocampo east Ajijic ) we reserved a table upstairs on the rooftop Terrace…every table was full upstairs and in the main dining room . The menu is modern Mexican with a wide range of choices…..appetizers around 100 pesos and mains around 200 . The plate presentation was very professional… The food was served hot and spiced perfectly for us along with several tasty salsas and, the warm tortillas appeared to be home made . The service was spot on…friendly and attentive… not to mention pleasant live acoustic guitar in the background .Our check with two appetizers, two main courses a bottle of wine including a 20% tip was a little over 1000 pesos . How lucky we are to have several restaurants of this standard in our village .
  14. Can anyone really forget Jeffrey… He was one of a kind… Personally I miss both Jeffrey and Cafe Magana .
  15. Within the last week or two, two friends of mine have both had interactions with local police , One was a minor fender bender the other one a minor traffic .offense. On both occasions the police threatened to tow the cars away needless to say both paid cash And the police left. My question is ... when and for what reasons are the police allowed to tow your car . Not sure that there are specific reasons other than cash of course however....
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