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  1. I believe the fish farm near Mezcala has changed to catfish ,as they get more money for “ bagre “ than they do for tilapia. Either way I would use them both if we didn’t have such a wonderful selection of fresh fish that I am familiar with at Costa Allegra fishmongers .
  2. At least two or three days a week I see a fisherman coming ashore with at least a wheel barrow full.. most Wednesdays at the Ajijic tianqui see it for sale still alive . So you have a choice China or the lake…Hobsons choice , My mother would have said .
  3. It will probably be similar to the English school vaccination system in the 50s… We all stood in a line and they used the same needle on all of us ... it Really speeds things up
  4. I Get my marrow bones in 2 to 3 kg batches from the butcher just off the Square in Ajijic . Incidentally it’s much better to roast the marrow bones with some rough chopped vegetables in the oven before simmering.
  5. Ours arrived in the form of a check last Friday...we signed it ,photographed it and deposited it via the internet in our Schwab account
  6. It’s called karma.....shame it’s only a mild dose...not unlike some others I’m not allowed to mention...they all have death on their hands ...they refused to take this virus seriously soon enough and then did nothing to prevent its spread.
  7. The U K announced this past week they have trained over 80,000 health care professionals to administer the vaccines... the US under a new president promises 100 million in a hundred days ...Mexico ...everyone over 65 by March / April...only time ,supply and logistics are in question...until if and when it’s all up to you.... ?
  8. A few days ago it cost us around 1000 pesos in gas and well over 500 pesos in tolls plus obviously the same on our return trip, not to mention the cost of a driver if necessary ...so good luck with the 600 ...
  9. Parking lot across the street ( private ) 15 pesos ...2 hours or less
  10. BOTH .......trendy cooking ingredient plus ancient remedy for just about anything.
  11. I believe black cumin is the same as nigella seeds which are easier to find , they have become very popular with bread bakers and are often sprinkled on salads .
  12. Mexi? .... Perhaps it may just help the local restaurants , artisans and retail stores etc .etc . as they have suffered so much this past year instead of thinking of your temporary traffic problems,,, in case you haven’t noticed the restaurants , villages streets , the plaza , malecon etc are pretty much deserted . ..it’s not just about you .
  13. Sorry for not including that info....it was the 4....Lydia is the person who obtains and administers the various vaccines at LCS l believe.
  14. Just received our flu shots last week at Lydia‘s medical supply store , 750 pesos.... I believe she is expecting another delivery of the vaccine in the not to distant future.
  15. Maybe you’re right ...but between 20 - 30 of our Canadian friends intend to be here...some later than usual and for a shorter period than normal ,but still coming...
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