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  1. Ian Greenwood


    About 30 % of Americans now avoid products containing gluten ! because they think ? that perhaps they maybe allergic....
  2. Just like apartment kitchens...it’s probably a man that never cooked...but he’s a designer..?
  3. Ian Greenwood


    After straining the stock / broth I usually put the bones etc . back in the pot with a cup or two of water and bring to a quick simmer for a minute or two and strain again .This helps collect the collagen and meat particles stuck to the bones .
  4. Forgot to mention gas stoves are between 20 - 30 % cheaper to run than electric in most areas ...very important if you’re dancing with DAC . I have a large commercial Mexican range which is also crap ( badly designed and made ) but I’m used to it after 10 years..the oven thermostat does work...sometimes.
  5. I have no idea where bisbe girl gets her “ chef facts “ from ,but the facts indicate that over 90% of professional chefs prefer gas and always have , finding commercial stoves that are gas / electric combos are next to impossible as there is no demand.... The only reasons I’ve ever seen electric stoves in professional kitchens is because gas wasn’t available or due to locational safety factors...electric convection ovens are a different matter .
  6. The special menu with several choices is probably one of the better deals lakeside . Its three courses for 300 pesos ! , one cannot eat at Tangos for that price . I find the menu a little boring , I cannot understand any restaurant lakeside who’s only fish offering is “ frozen salmon “ when we have such a wonderful selection of fresh fish available. The service and surroundings however make for a pleasant dinner experience.
  7. Due to adverse weather and growing conditions different batches and sources of dried peas and beans can have widely different cooking times . Once while cooking Cuban black beans ,I almost gave up and used canned...they took forever. Lily has the right idea baking soda during the soaking and cooking process will help .Thats the reason hummus and British mushy peas become so soft and creamy .
  8. We were also in the mountains this morning and around 11 am a helicopter zoomed bye ....it was below us..looked kinda surreal against the lake which was absolutely stunning this morning...later at least 3 more trips passed our house in Las Salvias but were mostly over the lake and quite high ,the noise wasn’t really intrusive . Must have been beautiful up there today...clear .
  9. I have already dealt with that ,.....not that it would bother me anyway.....cruelty is cruelty".......you had to see this poor boy when we intervened... look at him now ....we will be glad to pay for his food , vet bills , shipping etc. whatever it takes !
  10. Ives the restaurant owner has already been a great help ,with food and vet bills etc...thank you .
  11. I have been walking and feeding a pit bull dog named Gringo almost daily for 3 years. he lives in a cage and is chained up at the west end of the Ajijic malecon where the squatter lives. we would have adopted him ourselves but we have a rescue dog and cat. he gets along with our female dog but has a strong cat fixation. He’s good with non aggressive dogs. He absolutely loves people and thrives on attentions. He would make a great guard dog and would probably be better off as a single pet with a yard to run around in. He’s about 5-6 years old. Please call me if you would like to meet him. 766-5896
  12. Exactamundo...it’s all about the..BEEF..! and of course a little love on the grill .
  13. I wish you luck ,this has become a tough market , new restaurants opening every other week ,an unskilled labour pool ,rising food costs, price constraints not too mention vastly improved competition....the list goes on .l expect quite a few will disappear this next summer
  14. Xenia...firstly Toms original post was “ great burgers “ , secondly I don’t cook burgers , I was explaining what the industry standards are for the preparation of a high end $ 10 - $ 15 burger in the U .S . There is no great haste on my part to be disagreeable...I have only 118 posts in the last few years , not 4000 like yourself...that’s haste . I tend to limit my posts to subjects I have an actual knowledge of . Do l have an “ attitude “ ....obviously .
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