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  1. There are basically two kinds of ageing processes for high end beef cuts..wet and dry , They work just as they sound but are intrinsically different , most higher end cuts destined for restaurants are aged for at least 2 - 3 weeks . Wet ageing is simple ,the specific cut large or small is vacuum packed and left to sit in its own juices ( blood ) under refrigeration for different periods of time depending on size .It can help with tenderness but sitting in the blood may also change the flavor .In larger cuts rib eye ,NY strip and sirloin etc...this is not a problem as they will be trimmed . Dry is the real deal with big changes in tenderness and flavor , it is however a much more expensive process .Special refrigerated cabinets should be used to control temp and humidity in order to prevent spoilage etc. As the meat dries the beef flavor intensifies ,the cells and connective tissues breakdown ..the meat becomes very tender . It can take up to a month ,some restaurants even longer ,as it dries it shrinks up to 25% - the mould must be trimmed .All these factors time ,equipment and shrinkage make the cost extortionate. Personally l find long dry aged meat is too “ gamey “ and rich for my taste . For either of these processes to work you need good beef to begin with.... you can’t make a silk purse etc.
  2. I do suggest keeping imported Italian pasta in the freezer , it definitely inhibits the “ arrival of the weevils “ Over the years I have found Italian pasta to be more likely the culprit in bringing these little *uckers into my kitchens .
  3. Too much soggy dough , with old fashioned heavy sauces for me I’m afraid ....probably the best “ winter “ food . Just wish one of these restaurants could produce a good wholegrain pasta dish .
  4. Over the past 2 - 3 years I have dined at Pasta Trenta more than a dozen times and never been disappointed. To cook and serve different pastas at the same time..not only aldente but also hot is a tough task ,no matter whether the pasta is fresh , blanched or dried .Luckily l have managed to avoid screaming kids , barking dogs and live music .The room is just too small with only about six tightly packed tables .Personally I prefer dried pasta , its easier to cook aldente and incidentally many fine dining restaurants Italian and otherwise blanch certain pastas .
  5. Saw watercress on at least four different stalls yesterday ....you just have to look!
  6. Tabarka Has Long lost it’s position as the best Restaurant to eat seafood . Over the past year or more both Pacena and Alex’s have surpassed Tabarka not only in the quality of the product they serve but also in cooking techniques . The service and cleanliness are also much better .As for purchasing fresh fish Costa Alegre has a far wider selection and a better degree of freshness...it’s no longer cheap but fresh fish is becoming expensive everywhere
  7. ,While experimenting with different breading techniques and coatings for a class a few months ago I tried dehydrated potato flakes , ultra crispy..absorbed very little grease ,wonderful snitzels . I used seasoned flour , then thin egg wash and finally the flakes mixed with a little Parmesan and oregano.Then topped them with a fried egg . Have since used them on fish with great results .
  8. So...” computer guy , gringal and several others “ the whole crux of your definitive interpretation of this law is the “ Service Area “ Verbatim gringal says..Widely substantiated ,exact law ,computer guy says , it’s all service area ..R V gringo . Absolute B S of course...as Kellyanne says alternative facts . When I first came here twelve years ago ...few restaurants mostly mediocre at best .These days ..so many more choices some vastly improved .They all need business..not enough to go around .They can’t afford to be exclusionary every seat in a chair enables them to carry on..keep the doors open ,feed their families. Don’t sweat the small stuff...ignore the odd pooch ,enjoy what time you have left ! ..as one by one we creep to rest .
  9. So many of you keep wittering about the law , the law....have any of you actually seen the law or better yet seen a definitive transalation of this law not to mention the correct interpretation ....highly doubtful I suspect. Ambiguity seems to be the norm with many Mexican laws . I tolerate the laws that are tolerable And tend to ignore the ones I find stupid.
  10. I believ the Mexican law indicates ..that dogs are not allowed in service areas... After dealing with every aspect of planning , building ,and renovating over thirty restaurants in the last forty years l can assure you 100 % whether you like it or not ..” Service areas according to the FDA and many other state and federal licensing entities are areas within a restaurant where food is prepared , stored and received , including but not limited too , dish washing areas , laundry storage , liquor and wine storage , back bar areas and waiter preparation areas “ These areas must have adequate drainage , approved wall and flooring coverage...... it goes on and on as you can imagine , however the telling line is how it finishes....these areas should have some form of separation from the dining and public access areas ....
  11. Ian Greenwood


    Just bought two last week at la Paz ..not many left ,they have been stocking it now for about a year .Its in the beer refrigerators .
  12. Yes Rafter most countries in Europe do allow dogs access to restaurants, however it does tend to be at the discretion of the restaurant owner and is not a common sight except perhaps in more rural pubs , bars and cafes. All of my restaurants were in Florida . I never allowed dogs in the actual dining room except service dogs not comfort dogs , which wasn’t much of a problem as the vast majority of customers do not expect to bring dogs into fine dining restaurants. In several of my restaurants l did allow dogs on my outdoor patios which is the only area I would take my dog . My reason for “breaking balls “ here is because l believe it is up to the restaurant owner to decide on his own rules and if customers don’t like the rules they can go elsewhere. I didn’t hesitate to enforce my rules ... first you embarrass them , then you throw them out .
  13. Ian Greenwood


    I buy my Navarro extra sharp cheddar from La Paz liquor store ,but they too tend To run out from time to time .
  14. Seriously..Emilia’s great little restaurants, definitely worth a visit even if there is an odd canine or two !
  15. Hmmm. car - pe - di -em. Used as an exclamation to urge someone to make the most of their days because life and the future are fleeting... In short form “ Webster - Collins modern usage “.....get a life ! Seems like it fits perfectly to me.
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