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  1. Shared a tasty...lobster , Mac n’ cheese appetizer on a recent visit to Florida .Also shared a few “ tums “ later in the evening . Unfortunately didn’t share the check .
  2. Unhappy Jillian ...it looks like someone ate that once already..!
  3. Sorry rupert ....thought it was a post on butter...? .opinions on taste not allowed if they differ from yours .. ? .. you are somewhat right however , people like what they like ..that’s why spam sells 120 million cans a year....prefer yours without salt...?...Taste is not always subjective it’s often due to exposure or the lack thereof .
  4. Unsalted butter...Bah humbug ! I suppose you like unsalted Parmesan , maybe a little unsalted prosciutto ,perhaps a little shake of unsalted soy ? Almost all foods need some level of seasoning to bring out their best flavors. That’s why we even include a pinch of salt when making sweet deserts .
  5. Plenty of okra at Superlake this past weekend .
  6. Fickle...? Real easy to be ultra aggressive when you hide behind a cute little nom de plum . Before I gave up on Scallions ( 3 visits) every time I went ...same performance...no idea what wines ..no idea the prices . A simple blackboard effort would suffice . Eventually restaurants , like water tend to find their own level...every time we eat at Alex’s , La pacena and Cocinart they’re busy even in the summer . Maybe carnivore’ s post was a little over your head ...restaurant exposure wise ?
  7. I f you watched the videos before you jumped , you may perhaps realize that she is a wonderful home cook ,who makes the simplest of Mexican recipes with ingredients from her garden , farm to table . Chicken stew , piccadillo , potato omelette etc ....we’re not talking expensive Mexican haute cuisine here , just well cooked tasty Mexican food ,that is available in many areas of Mexico ...just not here . We also moved here over ten years ago and are more than pleased with our restaurant options as we dine out often , but lament the lack of good Mexican Restaurants . If you didn’t get what a pseudo American restaurant is ...look around you , look at the menus , read the reviews on this board ,the lack of consistency etc . etc . I could go on but you have 8000 posts ... and I have a busy life enough said . ...enough
  8. She’s something...great little videos .l intend to watch them all ,I just wish she cooked here . Someone will eventually I hope ‘ til then we’ll have to make do with pseudo gringo restaurants.
  9. Even in the North of England traditional chippies are not the easiest thing to find . However ,just a short drive from my hometown is the oldest continually operating chippy in Britain . It has been operational since 1865 .Barcelonaman...I’d forgotten about “ scraps and bits “ As kids when we couldn’t afford fish we would ask for a bag of bits , which were the scraps of fried batter that fell off the fish . Soo healthy we would scatter the bits over the chips and douse it with malt vinegar and of course ..eat it with our fingers out of newspaper.
  10. Unhappyjillin.....save yourself some precious time , look up “ mushy peas “ on Wikipedia...go on ...you can do it...but be prepared to eat your words , as well as a little bit of sh..t .As for my food knowledge you are correct..it’s a matter of education , exposure and experience not B . S . I also lived in the U K for over twenty years .
  11. They are sorta ...an acquired taste ,maybe it’s the sweetness and the vinegar combo , could also be their “ lovely “ iridescent green mush “ appearance. That’s how England used to cook most of its veggies. Personally I only miss them until I taste them .
  12. Looks marvelous....but where’s the mushy peas ? In the North of England ...the original home of the “ chippy “ tradition dictates mushy peas and malt vinegar .
  13. No matter which side of the climate debate one agrees with ...the educated or the ...uneducated ( take that as you will ) it’s obvious to me that the species “ homosapien “ no longer deserves to live on this planet . The species kills itself for fun and pretty much every thing else on the planet . We poison the rivers and oceans , pollute the atmosphere so badly that it kills hundreds of thousands every year . Children by the million die from starvation , lack of potable water or disease .that is readily curable . At any given time dozens of wars and internal conflicts are supplied with weapons for profit , ,supplied by so called democracies...it’s good business , never mind the consequences . I could go on but you get the gist ...unless you’re stupid . What we need is a huge asteroid or a major pandemic to wipe this ugly brown stain i e ...man off this wonderful planet . th
  14. Ian Greenwood


    Mactavish ..your prices as I indicated with facts are at best up your supposed kilt , check the facts with the largest wholesalers In the state.. Lombardi’s , Bar Barbour , North Star and New England Fisheries — we’re not talking cod and haddock here . Over the past 40 years I’ve bought well over 250 ,000 pounds of prime Florida fish and the “ real prices “ you quoted have not been available for almost ten years unfortunately ! Don’t you get it ? these are the prices l have to pay .
  15. Ian Greenwood


    Mactavish .....it’s easy to go online and glean a little knowledge, but as we all know “ a little knowledge is a dangerous thing “ . Firstly Pensacola is almost 400 miles from the Atlantic ..it’s actually on the northern gulf coast or the red-neck riviera as we call it where the local fishing industry is completely different . The prices in your cute little photos are whole fish , by the time it’s filleted ,there’s 50% waste and an up charge for Labour . Much of the gulf seafood has been decimated by the massive red tides this year and quality is suspect. As far as the species in the photos ,Salmon and smelt don’t live anywhere near Florida , pompano and speckled trout are out of season and the red snapper fishing season has been closed down since early September .There are over 150 species of grouper many endangered , many of different food value . I put an order for 10 pounds of grouper filet in my online basket at your famous fishmongers ( which you have no idea about the grade , age and quality...there are differences believe it or not ) the price ..186 U S and it wasn’t skinned or pinned Finally ...” I called a friend “ one of top Chefs in Florida.. he can’t buy grade A fish for less than 20 $ ..WHOLESALE . So before one pontificates on the fish prices in Florida it’s best to have a little local knowledge.
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