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  1. ..I certainly don’t want trash or grief at my home which is a place of peace and tranquillity… however you can find me at the Ajijic malecon tomorrow from about 10 .15 until 11.45…shouldn’t be much trouble finding me long shaggy hair , black dog , …i10 laps….introduce yourself . Unfortunately l leave for the beach on Sunday and then l am sailing in the Caribbean until mid Nov ….but keep in touch …my phone is 376 766 5896 .
  2. Probably better that big brother deleted my last few words…but considering the source of the post …they were appropriate.
  3. I don’t suppose the world pandemic could have affected supply and demand thus causing inflation could it ? :()
  4. In order to obtain part C coverage/ Advantage plan one has to have Medicare part A and part b .As soon as you sign the contract for part C you are for all intents and purposes divorcing Medicare…Your new private insurance co. receives over $ 1000 a month from Medicare to help pay your bills and administer all coverage.Each plan has different copays , deductibles and contract rules not to mention costs .Medicare would rather not deal with all the ramifications of modern healthcare..so they basically sub contract the insurance companies ( who already have that system in place) to do the dirty work …the difference being of course that they are profit driven so it is buyer beware .
  5. During my apprenticeship I worked in a famous north of England restaurant/ pub ,where we made pickled onions regularly to go with the cold luncheon buffet ..your recipe looks kinda boring ….try what I believe is a Canadian website called..Spruce eats and sorta combine with your own recipe ..Ian r
  6. Part C used to cost us about $ 170 each per month our new Advantage plan costs us nothing…in fact we both get a $50 rebate on our plan B .Even if we don’t use it in Mexico we are saving $5000 a year . The emergency coverage around the world was important for us as we travel often . This year we will have been back to the US four times so our residency is not an issue . I also called AARP / United Healthcare - my part C provider before changing policies they confirmed the Emergency coverage..any country …any time .
  7. I am at present sitting on a sectional couch he redid 5 years when he was in a different location and as I said…Excellent work .
  8. We recently had some quality upholstery done at what is it called Handy Artistic in Ribera’s …wide range of fabrics… Excellent results and considerably lower price than Cadillac.
  9. A strange and somewhat humorous post from someone located Fort Collins Colorado…..Medicare Advantage plans often called part C plans are offered by Medicare approved private insurance companies that must follow all Medicare rules .www. Medicare.gov ..simple enough..? As for my being a fraud or not an expat… both $%&/()ic at best… Over 20 years U K..35 years USA ,several years in the Islands and around 12 years full time in Mexico ( although I do travel a couple of months a year ) I’m not quite sure from where I have been expatriated from . To summarize as you would say… I am obviously an “ expat “ although I prefer “ child of the universe “… l pay taxes In the US ..I have legitimate property addresses in the US and I have year round Medicare coverage in the US not to mention legal emergency Medicare coverage in Mexico and the rest of the world. As for “ old farts “ that’s how you judged yourself.
  10. Man mamma….all one needs to do is a little research…not ask someone who is retired…probably to pasture before some of these new AARP / United healthcare insurance instruments were available . In policy contract terms and agreements ( patriot policy ) …the language is quite simple .. covered for all emergency treatments in all countries at all times .Here in Ajijic our PPO is the new hospital ( Ribera’s ) on the Libremente who bills United etc directly ..it was necessary to register at the hospital…Will it be perfect ……doubtful …but one of our friends recent 21 day stay in a Guad hospital resulted in almost a six figure US dollar bill… healthcare costs have increased dramatically since we arrived 12 yeats ago . Self insurance may become a thing of the past…At least six couples…friends of ours have moved back north US and Canada because of health issues and two more are working on it.
  11. Our new Medicare supplemental plan ( part c ) covers us for emergency care worldwide without any time restrictions….there are of course co pays but no deductibles .
  12. When Mexa bistro opened during the height of the pandemic with a Mexican fusion menu…a somewhat similar concept to Teocintle I wondered if it would survive even though we enjoyed both our visits. The answer was probably no…It is now Mexa Fonda with aTex-Mex style menu at very reasonable prices. We were seated at 7pm tonight…although traffic was busy we sat away from the entrance and the noise was not invasive .Both of our entrees …mole enchiladas and a chicken burrito were really enjoyable served with well cooked rice and beans . The meal along with a decent bottle of wine was less than 500 pesos…seems to me we may finally have a successor to El Serape with better food .
  13. Went to C I banjo today at 11.30 am …no problems …gave me the full amount 10,000 at a great rate ( as long as you don’t accept their offer ) .
  14. I believe the boat anchored at the end of the Ajijic pier everyday takes people to winery on request……
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