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  1. Ian Greenwood

    La Peceña

    Just ate there on Friday ...as usual great fish ,good service.. well priced . The only place to almost give Alex’s a run for the money when it comes to cooking fish
  2. Ian Greenwood

    best Bloody Mary

    El Jardin on the square..with a couple of spoons of their wonderful hot salsa !
  3. Ian Greenwood

    Cream of tartar - where to find?

    If you can’t find any...give me a call , I have plenty and never use it . 766 5896. Ian
  4. Ian Greenwood

    Bucerias or PV

    We vacation in Bucerias every year for several weeks ,we have tried all the resort areas from Barra to Punta Mita, Bucerias and Rincon have the best beaches and ocean swimming. We prefer Bucerias for its great restaurants , shopping and the fabulous fish market in La Cruz .Because of its size it never appears to be crowded..( except Mexican holidays) .The comment about stingrays is nonsense...even the early morning fishermen don’t catch many and stingrays are one of the easiest fish to land .
  5. Ian Greenwood


    Just had dinner there this week...crab cakes , blackened salmon....decent bottle of wine .The food and service were excellent , not so stark as it was ...lots of new art and the lighting was perfect .Tables around us seemed to be eating the three course prix fixe ....at $225 has to be the best deal in town .
  6. Ian Greenwood

    Fido in Restaurants

    As I said..currently 46 states allow dogs to accompany their owners to outdoor/patio style restaurant facilities .
  7. Ian Greenwood

    Fido in Restaurants

    Almost all US states now allow dogs to accompany their owners to restaurants that have patio or similar outdoor facilities...sorry folks sign of the times ..everything’s going to pot.... about time I say....
  8. Ian Greenwood

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    We’ve dined here twice ( always enjoyed his food at Tepetate) ...drunken noodles and a chicken dish off the specials section of the menu . Both cooked well and served hot with plenty of heat as requested. Prices very reasonable ....of course the shrimp dishes are a little higher...the price of shrimp has increased drastically over the past few years ...it’s now almost half N O B . Wine prices about normal . All in all pleasant experience , good service , nice surroundings....we will of course return .
  9. Anyone have good experience with rug carpet cleaners, our last attempts with Spring weren’t great .thanks.
  10. Ian Greenwood

    Fish Tacos

    La Pacena ...no basa here. Just good fish across the board fish plus octopus tacos great salsas...open for dinner .
  11. Ian Greenwood

    Beef Prices

    Rafter...after reading your post today ,I called a couple of Chef friends in Florida and asked what they were paying. Both said the prices had softened a little off the highs but still over $10 for whole rib eyes and $14 for whole filets..that’s untrimmed and wholesale ..angus and sterling silver .So someone in the middle is “ making a killing “ l don’t think the meat companies ever take a hit ,plus now they get a huge tax break...but I’m sure they’ll pass the savings on to the consumer.
  12. Ian Greenwood


    There was no attempt to troll , sow discord or “diss “ ...I just stated that a series of events, in my opinion resulted in an unethical business decision . It’s an opinion that’s all.. As to the various “ newbie “ comments , coincidentally it’s ten years ago today we began building our house .
  13. Ian Greenwood


    .... Our dinner wasn’t as successful as your lunch but l probably wouldn’t have posted...however unfortunately it seems it will be me against “the group “ again . But that’s never really been an issue for me , and it is another rainy day . My problem is restaurant ethics , of course that’s not your problem ,it’s mine...... Roberto sold his restaurant to two saps with little or no restaurant experience and no Mexican experience... I have no problem with that it was their decision..”.god bless em “ My issue is opening a restaurant about one hundred yards down the street .....covenant not to compete is doubtful here , Some will say completely different menu....I say......” same meat different gravy . Of course that’s just me.. So please go ahead and enjoy...... slings and arrows....no big deal , really
  14. Ian Greenwood

    Recommendations for Fish stores

    Michael ...Most of my restaurants in Florida were fish orientated , I eat fish at least three times a week ...I can easily tell how recently the fish was caught and without a doubt I have the best luck at Costa Allegre in the super lake plaza area ,but one does have to be adaptable. Every couple of weeks or so l even manage to get sushi grade yellow fin tuna !
  15. Ian Greenwood

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Bandol. Apart from your impeccable judgement I’m intrigued by your nom de plume , I was kinda hoping you have some sort of affinity or love of Bandol wines a little known appellation in the Provence which produces probably one of the most powerful and tannic wines in France. If not you ought to find one in the States ...not easy....but worth it..let it sit and then let it kick your ### .