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  1. I have only lived here for four days so my "would you still move here" opinion doesn't count but I am surprised by the answers here. 

    Not having know what Lakeside was ten years ago, I'm left only with my observation that places rarely are what they were ten years ago because change is inevitable. 

    I have family complaining that the small town they are in is dying. And after living downtown in the US's largest city, hearing complaints about road widening seems so subjective. Progress or the lack of it effects people differently when it comes to income and preferred lifestyle. Hence why we have become so nomadic these days  

    (Eventually someone will have to explain to me "suburb of GLD" as it seems to be a negative. For now I'm just happy know here is not downtown Houston.)

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  2. 14 minutes ago, pappysmarket said:

    Haha, loved the headline of your post. It reminded me of a guest we had at our BnB many years ago. The first morning she told me she had a million questions and she was lying, she had more than that. I finally slowed her down a couple of mornings later. She spotted a bird near the pool and shouted "What's the name of that bird?" I replied "Oh, that's Herald, he comes almost every morning." She decided I wasn't the best source of info.......Thank God.

    Curtains..... We needed lots of drapes/curtains for our sliding glass doors here in PV. Did a bunch of checking and comparing and found the perfect solution on Amazon US and they have been perfect and cheaper than anyone wants to make curtains for Gringos here.


    Welcome and you'll get lots of ideas.

    I met Herald. Nice bird as far as birds go. Did mesh better with his brother Hector though. But that is just me. 

    Amazon US? This leads to more questions. I was told delivery here was hit or miss. Does Amazon US delivery guarantee apply for orders here? How do they treat Prime Orders? What about Amazon MX? 

    (I can't find anything on Amazon US more than 84" that still leaves 24" of gap.)


  3. I think the sarcasm font would have been in order as we all know Taco Bell is not Mexican Food. 

    But I will agree that I miss a good fast food fix. It seems the population number would support a McD's or KFC but I doubt the income base is enough. Those chains are really firm about the numbers being solid. There were fast food free areas of Houston if you removed the Jack in the Boxes. They seem to have the lowest threshold. 

  4. I just stepped off the bus so to speak and have so many questions that my mind can't even complete one before it starts another.  I just got internet today (so easy and only took 24 hours - take that Comcast/ATT.) I started researching each one but even with doing an advanced search with dates, some of the questions had outdated info or not what I specifically needed.  So I'm doing the lazy nerd approach with throwing them all out there and hoping you kind folks will remember your first days and have pity.... Even if you can only answer one it will be one less toss and turn I have to do at night :)

    If there is a post with all this info that would be great too!

    Question one:  I need suggestions for where to have custom curtains made.  The walls of nothing but windows looked great when I bought the house but the first afternoon made it clear that there was a big need for sun blockage. Store bought will not work. I already have the best Walmare can do but it covers the windows like shorts cover bottoms in LA.  

    Question two: Trash??? I'm in La Floresta. What day is there garbage service? Do you need city issued bins? Is it wise to put out boxes from new products (in the States that could be like yelling "burgle me. I have new stuff.") Is there any recycling? Recycling center?  

    Question three: How do you store food to avoid ants and other fine critters?  I already have a party started in my dog food which was solved by a trip to Wally World and a plastic tub.  Can ANY food item be left on a counter-top (I'm thinking bananas, potatoes, and other things that don't take kindly to confinement.) 

    Question four: Speaking of critters, how do you keep skeeters off your pets?  And what is the best/least offensive replant for people? One of the first people I met told me they carry some horrid human bone disease. I moved here from Houston where they were as big as buzzards but...

    Question five: Propane? How do I know when I need more? How do you get more?  Is there a Propane Fairy that magically appears?

    Question six: Are lanes/one-way streets/parking spaces just a suggestion? And how does one avoid getting killed when crossing the main highway?

    Question seven: Agua?  I saw when I went to look at appliances today that they had stand alone water filters.  I also saw a fridge with ice/water in the door that I liked but didn't know how they worked with the water pressure here. What is the advantage/disadvantage to the filters vs the bottle water delivery vs in the door fridge? And how hard is the water here? Do I need to put filtered water in things like the iron?

    Question eight: How do I find a handyman with some English. I have a little Spanish but it would be great if we could meet in the middle.  I got taken advantage of so many times in the States by handymen/contractors that I'm already twice bitten.  Heck - check that - i'll pantomime what I need if someone can just suggestion an honest person.  I intend to pay well.  I don't intend to have my ladder walk off.  

    Question nine: What is the best source for restaurant reviews? Is there an online list of restaurants that allow dogs on the patios?  Are there any that I should avoid no matter how adventuresome I am? I am trying my best to shove it in the faces of my American friends watching this whole move that Mexico is not the home of food poisoning. That title belongs to the Golden Corral in Pasadena.  

    Question ten: Best hardware store?  I know I will have to make trips to GLD to get some strange things I need like a tiny rake to pooper scoop, but I would like to support local.  

    Question eleven: Why do so many cars have broken side mirrors?

    Question twelve: Is there anywhere locally I can get security camera's? It isn't that I distrust people - I just like watching my dogs when I'm out. 

    Question fourteen: Is it likely that La Floresta will ever get faster internet? I just had one terabyte for two months in Houston. I love roughing it but.... 

    Question fifteen: How long is it going to be before someone posts I missed question thirteen? 

    Thank you in advance!!!!

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