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  1. I have only lived here for four days so my "would you still move here" opinion doesn't count but I am surprised by the answers here. Not having know what Lakeside was ten years ago, I'm left only with my observation that places rarely are what they were ten years ago because change is inevitable. I have family complaining that the small town they are in is dying. And after living downtown in the US's largest city, hearing complaints about road widening seems so subjective. Progress or the lack of it effects people differently when it comes to income and preferred lifestyle. Hence w
  2. Thank you so much!!! You have been a fountain of info. Good night and thanks again!
  3. I met Herald. Nice bird as far as birds go. Did mesh better with his brother Hector though. But that is just me. Amazon US? This leads to more questions. I was told delivery here was hit or miss. Does Amazon US delivery guarantee apply for orders here? How do they treat Prime Orders? What about Amazon MX? (I can't find anything on Amazon US more than 84" that still leaves 24" of gap.)
  4. I think the sarcasm font would have been in order as we all know Taco Bell is not Mexican Food. But I will agree that I miss a good fast food fix. It seems the population number would support a McD's or KFC but I doubt the income base is enough. Those chains are really firm about the numbers being solid. There were fast food free areas of Houston if you removed the Jack in the Boxes. They seem to have the lowest threshold.
  5. I just stepped off the bus so to speak and have so many questions that my mind can't even complete one before it starts another. I just got internet today (so easy and only took 24 hours - take that Comcast/ATT.) I started researching each one but even with doing an advanced search with dates, some of the questions had outdated info or not what I specifically needed. So I'm doing the lazy nerd approach with throwing them all out there and hoping you kind folks will remember your first days and have pity.... Even if you can only answer one it will be one less toss and turn I have to do at nig
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