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    Does anyone know Temo Marquez from Joco and have a contact number?  I have heard that he is a good architect.


    I had a list of five and he was on it. The first guy was rude, and said he would get back to me and I never heard from him again. 

    The second guy was nice but told me he couldn't start for one to two months before he even asked what I wanted. The third came by and said he would take the job but he has a three day a week job so it would be spread out and he wasn't accredited. 

    The fourth on the list was doing work for a neighbor and I loved his work. Since he is already right next door it was easy for him to work me in too. He is the name I gave you. 

    The fifth was Temo. After figuring out people were busy, I jumped at getting under contract with Ramon and never called Temo. But, since he was on the list I was given by a realtor friend I trusted he was good. 

    I hired Ramon to do not only the design, engineering, and permit work; but to also work as my general contractor. Work has been constantly progressing faster than I thought. 


  2. Thanks for all the replies. I got my CURP this morning. They had a problem putting it on cards for a while so I had to pick it up at INM. 

    I then went straight to the bank. Sure enough, they asked for my CURP - but yippie - I had it. 

    Cash and keys are the two hardest adjustments to life here. I haven't carried either in a decade. I have left my keys in my front gate three times and locked myself out just as many. The workers put on a keypad today but I still am left with 15 other differently keyed locks in the house. Getting other doors rekeyed is next on the list. 

    As for the cash life - I'll just have to put my big girl pants on and deal with it. Funny enough though this video showed up on my watch list today: 

    Thanks again for your replies  



    I know you have probably already figured this out, but the solution is to get that Mexican bank account opened asap, then you can transfer as much as you want into it and get as much cash as you need from the teller's window.  You just need proof of address and ID such as passport at Multiva.  I can't speak for the other banks.

    That seemed to be the only way to get this done.  I just got my Visa last week but they had not issued me a CURP number and I wasn't sure if I needed one for a bank account so that was where I was going to start tomorrow - chasing down a CURP. As soon as that is in my little hands I will go in and open an account.

    Once I do that, can I request everyone I hire take a check instead of cash - or is everyone still going to want me to go make the withdrawal myself? I hate carrying cash. And I don't wear jewelry.  I like keeping myself worthless to rob.  

  4. I am so use to paying my house cleaner in the States with a credit card and the gardener with a check.  I have been doing cash here but now that my architect said something about me paying taxes on his services and it being best if I pay him cash, I'm not able to keep up with the cash purchases and service payments since I can only take out 7000 pesos a day.  What is the downside with paying any of them with a US check? Or is it even allowed?  I have moved most of my money to Charles Schwab so I don't take the ATM hit and I plan on opening a Mexican bank as soon as all my ducks are in a row. In the meantime, how should I pay a $9000 contract? This cash business is getting to me.   

  5. My dogs have always had great teeth because I gave them lots of chews back in the States. Now that I am here, the companies that I got them from in there won't ship to Mexico.  I am looking for bully sticks and/or trecheas.  Ironically, one of the companies lists their bullies as being from Mexico and Columbia.  

    I do NOT want rawhide. I have tried to find bones as a few people have suggested but the butcher has so far been out by the time I get to them.  Is there anyone who speaks Spanish that could see if there is a mail order here?  My searches are coming up nil because I have a feeling they are not called bully sticks here. 

  6. I have purchased a home in La Floresta that was built in the 1980's.  There are no plans and the home has been remodeled a few times.  I ask the realtor where the septic tank was and he said it was under the flagstone entry at the front wall - maybe. Then I ask the previous owners when I ran into them in town and they said there was not tank but just a septic field in the front grass area by the road. but I really believe a tank is necessary. 

    I took a rod and hammer and rebar and did some pounding and found some buried rock but nothing indicating a tank.  I have decided the only way to find the tank is to hire an inspector which is fine, but now I'm wondering about the leach field.  

    I want to plant some fruit trees and some decorative trees but the septic situation as me stumped.  Food is not to be grown over a leach field in the States so I assume it is the same here but I see a heck of a lime and fruiting trees all over the place and wonder how everyone else figured out where their sh$# is leaching.  And I know the best way to screw up a septic tank or line is to plant a shallow rooting tree. But again, I see lots plastered with trees.  

    Am I missing something different about tanks and leachfields here Lakeside.  I see some post where people say they have never had theirs cleaned and others who have. I read some people flush paper and others swear you shouldn't.  Some people flush buttermilk and others say no maintenance is needed.  

    Is there a septic whisperer than can tame my poo fears?      

  7. I have to giggle every time I read these "the place is going to hell" posts. 

    I lived in the San Fransico Bay Area and listened to how the influx of tech companies was ruining the city. 

    I lived in Portland, OR and listened to people gripe that the influx of Californians were ruining the city. 

    I lived in Sugar Land, TX and listened to how the influx of wealthy Asians was ruining the city. 

    I lived downtown Houston and listened to how the influx of young upward mobil whites was ruining the area. 

    Fact is, if you live in a nice place, others will want to live there too and the dynamics will change. 

    If you want to be assured that you are going to never be bothered by rising prices, more congestion, and changing demographics move to a sh$& hole. I suggest any town in the Oklahoma panhandle, any part of Mississippi, or a boarder town. 

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  8. 5 hours ago, Ajijic_hiker said:

    No great loss if they tore down those crummy looking shops on either side of the road, then rebuilt them with 'charming' store fronts...I hate the new pawn shop structure, (mostly because it IS a pawn shop)  but at least it doesn't look like it will fall down anytime soon.  And there's plenty of space in front of it for a decent sidewalk and bike path. The down town strip COULD look attractive...if it wanted to.

    Right now it looks like a main road through a Mexican village. And I for one moved to Mexico because it looked like Mexico - eclectic, individualized, and full of mom and pop places. I believe it is beautiful because it is authentic!  To me ugly is what I have linked. 


    Viva la Mexico!!!!


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  9. 10 hours ago, johanson said:

    Maybe I am the only one, but I believe two more lanes to carry the traffic through town are necessary. The question is where? One bad idea was to place the road along the shoreline, and another idea was to build the additional two lanes above Ajijic. which might not be practical.

    I guess the only other place would be to increase the width of the existing carretera which seems the least bad of any of the suggestions.

    If you build it they will come!!!

    Can I ask why you feel extra traffic lanes are benificial?

    I have lived in two different cities and seen two different approaches to heavy traffic. The one who kept widening/adding lanes is the hands down traffic loser. 

    While I was in Portland, OR, a large influx of people from CA made for a large amount of congestion. Portlands solution? Rip out the interstate going though downtown and make it a waterfront park. This forced the newcomers into learning to use mass transit, bike, or carpool. 

    The second place I then lived was Houston. Houston can now brag that it has the widest interstate in the WORLD. And yet Houston still gets the honors of second worse traffic in the US. People still haul their breifcase in their huge SUV's to work every day because the government keeps trying to facilitate their behavior. 

    I love it when I see people saying, "take the bus because there is no place to park." It bests hearing, "they should add parking lots." Because we all know how lovely parking lots are. And I feel the same about widening roads. 

    I know we are all in a hurry to get to Wal-mart to see if they finally have what we need but I'm with bikers/pedestrians one this one. 

    I'm open minded to hearing your alternat reasoning. The after all, I haven't lived in every city in the world. It may work in other places. 

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  10. I have found rainy season not to be very rainy because I moved here from Houston where I have seen cars floating down streets. But, if your from a less stormy area, thunder and lightning at night might bother you.

    Oddly, my youngest dog had to be given Xanax during Houston thunderstorms or he would barf the whole next day. Even though there are some real boomers here, the heavy construction of my home means I can turn on white noise and close the drapes in the back bedroom and he will sleep right through them. Makes me wonder if the fear was more from vibrations than the actual noise. Regardless, I'm happy to report he is now drug free ;)

    I feel if you love this place during the season you visit it, you will love it year long weather wise. My only advice is to visit during snowbird season to see if you can handle the extra congestion. 

    Monster under the bed 5.jpg

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  11. 1 hour ago, bdlngton said:

    Okay, so somebody recommend a good, honest person to this woman who will check out her roof and ceiling and get the problem fixed for a reasonable, fair price before a chunk of the boveda falls off and kills her.   We need people with her attitude and spirit here.  And please publicly post that recommendation because I might need that repairman too!  None of the PM stuff , please.  We are, after all, a community helping each other.  At least that's how I understand the purpose of this web oars.

    Thanks!!!  But honestly, if I die from a brick it will be one thrown at me. I can be a little snarky. 

    Web help is the best. I can get references and rock a mud facial mask at the same time. 

  12. 1 minute ago, Yo1 said:

    Is it your brick that is truly crumbling or are you seeing white powdery salitre falling from the ceiling?  Salitre is much more common here--still requires a fix but crumbling brick is a sign of very long standing water problem and may require a more expensive fix.

    It is defiantly red brick crumbs. Fortunately it is a small area. I tapped with a broom handle to see what I could knock off and it is one brick right by the outside wall. And I'm still wondering if the split AC isn't somehow involved since it is only a foot away. 

  13. 21 minutes ago, pappysmarket said:

    I don't think think this one is going home!

    Lol! As of July 14th, 2017; this is home. And home is what you make it.

    I'm a spry 55 years old but I'm already trying figure out where to eventually put in the wheel chair ramp for the day I turn 95 and fail to auto-correct when tripping on a cobblestone. I feel like my heart has lived here for decades just waiting for me to raise my kid, serve my 24 year marriage sentence,  conquer single life, and haul the rest of my body down here. 


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  14. Yes, I really was mad at myself as to how I handled the fumigator. I broke my cardinal rule to never hire someone who came to me. Only people I sought out. 

    But...the house that I bought had a gardner and a maid who worked for the past owners for three years so when the guy said he fumigated for the people who lived here I bought it. 

    As soon as he was inside he was finding all kinds of problems and wanting 500 pesos for each new creature he was going to slay with his "organic magic mixture." I had a bad vibe two minutes in and was ready to pay the extortion so he would leave. And sure enough, I found out he wasn't who had done the place before. I figure he saw the For Sale sign go down, a very bewildered woman standing in the driveway for a half hour trying to make both sides of the gate close at the same time, and knew he won the sucker lottery. 

    (Now the gate doesn't open or close at all because I seem to have blown a breaker to the front of the house. As soon as I can find the breaker box, expect me to blow the whole neighborhood. Have screwdriver, will zap.)

    I was so capable of fixing things, fumigating, gardening, and cleaning on my own I was the ultimate independent woman. I feel like I have been transported back to being 16 and not knowing how to change a tire (my dad let the air out a few times during the middle of a Friday night knowing I would want to go somewhere Saturday night. Then he would go fishing.)

    So here I am - figuring out brick ceilings, water filter lights, septic tank care, and propain tanks. 

    Sigh! I signed up for this so complaining is futile. 

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  15. After living in Houston with a flat roof, I thought my ceiling nightmares were over. But, there are crumbles of brick in a spot in my master bedroom. The guy who came to fumigate told me it was termites and sprayed the heck out of it. He left with 3500 pesos promising to come back with a ladder and spray the roof but is long gone. 

    As it is still crumbling and termites didn't made sense to me, I'm looking for other answers. Is this how you know you have a roof leak - crumbles instead of water? Could the split AC close by be contributing? Does one hire a company specifically for roof work like in the States or will any construction person do a roof? Could it be a big big scorpion with ill intent pinching its way through? 


  16. 19 hours ago, gwynne said:

    Alarms are little to no help.  We had to deal with one on a house we were watching for friends.  The alarm went off every time a leaf moved.  The alarm company was no help.  Just last week, as I was coming home, one of my neighbors was pacing in the street in front of a house with an alarm going off.  He'd called the company but they said they couldn't come out.  The police didn't answer.  The alarm finally ran down.

    Re dogs:  I have a 90 lb American Staffordshire who puts fear into the hearts of anybody on the other side of the fence.  He's a total wuss but he gets the message across by just being there.  A poodle doesn't have the same effect.

    You obviously have not met my 75 pound poodle. 

    2013-01-31 21.52.44.jpg

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