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  1. Not trying to be catty - just wondering: have those of you who have had noise issues here in the area tried white noise? I have found that one fan blocks the firework/thunder noise that freaks out my dog and it even worked to drown out a really loud party a few house down last week. All the cement makes the white noise echo nicely. Years ago it did take me a week or two to get use to it after I started using it to cover the noise from Houston's soccer stadium that I lived one block away from. But once I was use to it - heaven.
  2. Where can I find large amounts of topsoil? The kind without the rocks in it? Not that I don't like rocks. It is just there is a place and time for rocks and my garden soil isn't it. Also... Bark mulch? Does it exist here? Pine needle mulch? Anything but red lava rock??? Naked dirt bothers me. And to not disappoint those who thought of a different way to dish dirt: who is the biggest gold digger in town? Who is the biggest playboy? Don't answer HERE but think about making sure to introduce the two you are thinking of to each other. There is someone for everybody
  3. Thanks! After reading horror stories from people whose modem has failed, I was hoping it was an outage. The modem is only three months old. I am currently waiting for Telmex’s Facebook message response team to get back to me. They told me they would check but that was 30 minutes ago. It is so frustrating to go from being the one who always had tech solutions to everyone else’s problem to feeling totally helpless. Guess I need a good motivator to hit the Spanish books I’m guessing I will be at Telmex office in the morning. Good thing I got a big cell phone data package. Thanks again.
  4. Every time I have come in on United from Houston, but once, I have had to take the bus. I wondered if it was the size of the aircraft instead of the Carrier.
  5. ...a modem gone bad, or Telmex being down without me being able to speak Spanish? My internet has been down about an hour. NOB I would call my service provider to see if there was an outage. Does Telcel have customer service in English as an option? Or, I would use the Comcast app to check and to restart my modem from my cell phone if there was no outage message. Again - is that an option here? I turned my modem off and back on but I’m getting a “cable not connected” message. I don’t trust the message though as my computer has established a pattern of lying before (there is no Nigerian prince and it can’t make my penis bigger as I don’t have one.) What is the quickest and easiest way to figure out which donkey to kick to get on line again?
  6. I love Uber but will not use them out of the airport. I had one pick me up, pull over to the side of the road, and tell me he couldn't take me to Ajijic. I got out of the car and he got my suitcase out of the trunk and I had to WALK back to the airport to get a cab. To ad insult to injury, my card was charged and I had to go through Uber customer service for a refund.
  7. Pay I do. That is what bothers me. I would never bitch about free things.
  8. I know a lot of you also use USTVNOW. The last three or four days I have had problems with it repeating, freezing, and totally kicking me out. I run a speed test and am a consistent 8 to 10mbph. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube work fine. Am I alone in this buffering hell?
  9. I went to the office right away. Finally had one of security recognize it and show me where it belonged. All is well in the land of small white dogs tonight. Thanks!!!
  10. Has a collar and is super sweet. Very little. I'm guessing six pounds. Brown stained face and feet. Tried to upload pictures but it wasn't happening. Not a member of the Facebook group as the first week I was here there was some bad attitude from mods and I unjoined. Let me know if you might know where he belongs.
  11. Sorry to disappoint but the only grass in my life is the stuff you mow. I currently have St. Augustine and am not that thrilled with it. It was my grass in Houston for 14 years and I never liked the coarseness. Does Zoysia grow here? If so, where do I find seed or sod? Any recommendation for another fine blade grass? Do you need to overseed any time during the year? How much of a hassle are automatic sprinklers here? Do they clog easy? Thanks!!!
  12. I had zero luck with those in Houston due to the humidity. Guess I could try them with glass free hangings and things I wouldn't mind busted on the tile if they fail. Thanks!
  13. Ah! I never tried it for free. You have to import USTVNow into the Roku channel list per the instruction on the USTVNow web site. I'm guessing if you are using a system wide VPN through your router it still wouldn't work to hide Roku protocol. Guess there has to be some reason to pay the piper.
  14. I get USTVNow on my Roku. There is a work around on their site for it. I used Sling to get NFL Redzone, NFL Network, and all the ESPN's when I was NOB but it was $55 a month for the packages plus the sports. I didn't think it was worth it here since I don't enjoy watching games alone. They did tend to go down ever so often but no more than USTVNow does.
  15. Queen of the Stupid Questions here again. All my art is still leaning against walls because I am scared to take a hammer and nail to the walls for fear I will just end up chipping the overlay. Do you need certain nails? How deep do you need to go? What happens if you hit brick? What do you do if you need to patch it because you change your mind about where something goes? Is there any way to hang extra heavy pieces? If I smash my thumb, what is the best place to go for xrays? NOB I would just hammer a hole, hang the work, step back, think it needed to go a quarter an inch up and a half an inch right, fill the first hole with white toothpaste, and repeat process until my wall had more fluoride than a dentist office. Measuring was too pedestrian
  16. This was my concern. I'm sure they are better for you than NOB choices but I'm a little germ shy since I had a great aunt die of e coli. It wasn't a pretty death. My fear of street foods is lessening and I'm sure eventually I'll be able to pick up a dropped cookie, dip it in spoiled milk, and eat it but for now....
  17. Thanks. By a few private emails and the post from bezerk above, it seems like there are other's who could use some home cooked meals. I was thinking along the lines of a single mother who come make some money and take part of the meals home for her and kids. I wouldn't mind youngsters being brought to my home with Mom if she didn't have daycare/family help. I just don't know how the logistics of menu planning and ingredient shopping would be. A couple of people have suggested meal sharing if I find someone and that sounds like a great idea too. It is just figuring out how to make it work. Thanks again!
  18. In my 55 years I have never cooked. I'm tarded in that area. I tried to make one of those blue boxes of Mac n cheese one time and it wasn't pretty. My ex husband fed me for 24 years then I turned to delivery, eating out, and frozen diet dinners. I supplemented with fast food when I felt I was becoming too healthy. Since I really can only manage one meal out a day here and have no frozen dinner options I was thinking of hiring someone to cook for me. Does anyone know how to find one, what the going rate is, and how to set up shopping with one?
  19. They are really finding new ways to rid themselves of expats. But I figure someone will always want my money.
  20. You are lucky no one has looked at the mailing address you have been using. I guess I gave them too much info when I said I was renting out my house in the States. They consider me living full time outside of the US at this point because even though I own a house in the States, I don't have a US address. I called my old local branch and thought maybe someone in Houston would help but they referred me back to the the 1-800 number. Called and ask for a super and was told the same thing - in person or wait a month. I'm just moving it all to Schwab. Me and my big mouth!!!!
  21. I lost my debit card. This wasn't the first time to do so but the first time since I moved to Mexico. No biggie. I just picked up the phone to cancel it and have them send me a new one. But, the lovely Chase woman told me since I had recently changed my address I would have to physically come into a bank to get a new one. WTFudge!!! I explained I had changed my address because I was renting out my US home and living for a while in Mexico. I did not want my statements to go to my renters. Apparently, since I changed addresses then ask for a new card to be sent I was flagged as a Nigerian Prince. No card without walking into a Chase bank. They did give me the option of waiting (first she told me a month then she said three,) and then they would mail one to the new Mexico address. I called again today and spoke with someone different and got the one month timeline. So, I have opened a HSBC account here and a Charles Schwab International. This "present your body" BS was my message from the banking gods to move on. Anyone else have this problem?
  22. I'd there any reason to drive to the further Galleria Costco? Any surprise documents I will need to get a membership? Thanks.
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