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  1. I can't imagine not being happy here. 18 years sounds like a good span to know if it is working out for you
  2. No. The first place was almost a half an acre in West Ajijic. It had a full casita and a cute two bedroom house but the house was from the 50's and needed new electric and plumbing. I still thought it was worth it due to the lot size. Strangely enough after my offer the owners started changing their minds about what was included. Originally it was all furnishing which was also a draw as there were some old wood carved pieces I wanted. It became clear to me these people wanted to get into a long haggle and I didn't have time. It sat unsold until a few months ago. The home I purchased without ever having looked at it is a tiny place in Upper La Floresta. It was fully furnished as well and I was thrilled when actually seeing it for the first time. I have had five months of remodeling but that was because I went with the wrong architect and his crew of guys with nothing but hammers and a chisel. Since I hired this second crew - complete with jackhammers and airguns - things are moving at a sane pace and without the mess from the first crew. The only hold up now is getting the cabinet maker I want. He is busy till mid February but nice wood work really goes a long way in my book so I am waiting.
  3. Thought I would share my post from my dog's blog that I posted today. Were my steps of landing Lakeside similar or left field to the ones that brought you here? (I'm just seeking reassurance that I'm not TOTALLY certifiable. Love me dang it!!!) https://2spoos.com/2018/01/07/the-spoos-move-to-mexico/
  4. I like the idea that a decision to join me on the roof would make a good filter for who wants to hang out with me. Having said that... You can get up the stairs and to the lounge furniture without coming close to a open edge. One would have to choose to either walk over to the edge away from the seating or be so thin the wind could blow them 10+ feet to be in danger of falling. I was more concerned the fear of heights has been bred out of dogs than concerned my human friends weren’t capable of smart choices. But the more I think about it, the more I believe people’s comments are right. My dogs will be fine. I just can’t let any people up there with me.
  5. I don’t plan to party with drunk or stupid people. But then again, I didn’t plan on marrying one either
  6. The only thing going to the edge would do for “total view” would be giving them a peep at my neighbors junky side yard. The mountains and treetops can be seen just fine from the middle.
  7. My dogs would eat the small children before they got to the roof. And I like survival of the fittest laws better than NOB building codes
  8. Lol! I love Bend. Lived in Portland and my favorite day trip was to Bend. My Grandfather was a rancher and always had at least one dog in the back of his truck. The only ones I remember dying did so from being hit when chasing cars down the dirt road to the house - and the one Grandma shot for killing her prize winning rooster.
  9. I’m in the process of readying my second bedroom to list on Airbnb. But, I still will have remodeling going on for a few more months and I don’t want to put it on Airbnb until it is five star perfection The bedroom and private bath are done enough to be occupied but there will be construction noise during the day. I also have two non-shedding large dogs so my place isn’t for someone not too crazy about animals. If you can live with this, I’m willing to discuss renting to you off the Airbnb platform I was a Superhost with Airbnb in the States and strive to keep my five star status so I am use to, and enjoy, having strangers stay. I’m in Upper La Floresta and it is a 15 to 20 minute walk to the Plaza. It is an easy walk to the Mall and Walmart as well as the tainguis. And if I’m around I can always give you a ride. If interested PM me.
  10. Has anyone seen or heard of a dog that has jump off a roof? I see a lot of roof dogs here. I’m building a second story deck and would love to leave off railing because of the view. I have two large smart dogs that would join me up there. I believe they would be fine as I had a three story roof top deck at my home in Houston and they never seemed tempted to jump the railing. I want to get the horror stories out of the way before I make my command decision.
  11. Makes sense. And it must work. I haven’t seen an evil spirit since I got here. A few cranky old men but no evil spirits.
  12. I know noise is a contentious topic here and I’m not complaining or wanting to open others to gripping either. What I am asking is if anyone knows the cultural origins or historical significance for these blasts. I read somewhere that it was call to Mass or observance of community events like a wedding or funeral but that doesn’t explain the timing of blasts at times of the day and night this week. It would be nice to understand and the few Mexican friends I have ask don’t seem to have an answer and I’m not searching right on google because all I keep getting are articles on the humming noise in New Mexico. Teach me something ?
  13. Bummer. I guess I’ll take rowdy soccer fan noise over rodeo noise. Sorry you have to deal with that. Noise pollution can drive a person batty.
  14. I really want a gardener who just snows and edges as I enjoy doing the rest of it but both I have had looked at me like I was from Mars and continued their whole routine.
  15. They have been working right across the street on three large trees. What a duh moment for me now as I didn’t think of it when I was watching them.
  16. I always read reviews and questions as I'm also a research junkie. The question was ask and it was included in a review that it did work with Windows 10. Plus, Logitech is really good about releasing updated drivers. I have a little laptop mouse that is back from the Windows 98 days that still works with my new Laptop. It is usually software that doesn't want to play nice after a few version releases.
  17. There are cheaper options on Amazon. I just went with Logitech because I'm a brand junkie. Also, the price is higher than what I paid now. In the US I used Camel to alert me when the prices on my wish list dropped. I haven't tried to find a Camel alternative here (or see if it works with the MX site.) As for used, mine was brand spanky new. I think what you did instead of look at shipping options is look at vender options. There it will show you if you can get a refurbished or used. I have ordered used with cameras and Kindles and have never been disappointed. I always make sure the warranty is if new.
  18. Mine was in English. I just made sure it didn't say Spanish and looked closely at the model number compared to the one on the US site. Here is the one I got. https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B003VANO7C/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i1?ie=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B003VANO7C&pd_rd_r=a4f93005-c99a-11e7-8a4a-f37621261a75&pd_rd_w=Ro6cv&pd_rd_wg=jtXcC&pf_rd_m=AVDBXBAVVSXLQ&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=ZC4H03ESDX4PQX3A3MZM&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=fe19d36a-3411-4bce-8ef7-fef09d37fff8&pf_rd_i=desktop I'm typing on it now
  19. I was wanting to ask about this. What is the correct way to go west from the Wal-mart parking lot? I thought I would just do what everyone else does, but I have not seen two people leave the same. I have started taking the road behind the Auto-zone that is marked as an exit but that pops you out at the Domino's and it is impossible to safely exit there. My friends and family were SO wrong thinking I was going to get killed by drug dealers. That intersection will be the death of me I am sure!
  20. It helps if you use a desktop computer or laptop with Google Translate if you don't have a command of the language. It is nice to have the pages instantly translated so I can read the descriptions and specs. I also do a lot of my searching by going to the department then looking for the translated item I need as opposed to doing a word search. For example, I wanted a bench to go at the end of the bed but had no clue what they call it here in Mexico. I went to the department Furniture, then Bedroom, then looked from there.
  21. I am having great luck with Amazon Mexico all of a sudden. Just ordered a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo as construction dust destroyed the one that I had. It arrived in two days. When I moved here four months ago Amazon didn't seem to have anything I was looking for but now that they have opened the Guad warehouse, I'm pleased with selection, price, and shipping - most of the time.
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