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  1. I only know what the very nice Telmex tech told me who was speaking with a person from the department putting in new Fiber in the area. No fast speeds without new modems and eventually paying for cable to the house. I was told at the office I was getting 30 MBPS but when I called to report I was only getting 15 MBPS they were very insistent it was impossible for me to get the offered Fiber speeds with my current wiring and modem. I ask for them to send me a new modem and he said there was a wait for them. I was just so happy I got someone who spent so much time trying to get answers for me so I will except them as the truth.
  2. Don't get you hopes up too high. I spoke with an English speaking Telmex tech and he got on the phone with the department who lays and upgrades cable. He translated to me that they are laying the lines everywhere first but not changing the lines out to the homes for quite some time. They do not have the new modems needed for changing the service out (your DSL modem will not work.) Plus, they do not have a price scheduled for charging customers from the house to the line yet. I knew they would not do it for free as their competitors have an installation fee. So yes, there will be a slight bump up, but as long as the line carrying the data packages from their fiber to your home is DSL and your modem is too, 15 is probably as high as it is going to get for some time. Right now they have got me at a steady 14 mbps and I pay for the 15 mbps package. It is good enough for me and quite frankly, Telmex has given me less outages in the last two years than Comcast did in a month.
  3. I was just searching for info on moving Nationally. I will stalk your replies to see if any suggestions for local would also do to Queretaro.
  4. There has been a lot of confusion to the water in La Floresta so a Facebook site has been set up so homeowners and long term renters have a way to compare experiences without boring the rest of Lakeside. The page is “La Floresta -Ajijic” and if you can’t find it, you can friend Kim Sepahpur and ask her to send you an invite. It isn’t limited to the water problem and can hopefully be used constructively as a tool for better understanding of all issues and how they are addressed. This is not an official site ran by the HOA.
  5. My Telmex Internet has been down since around 2:00pm. I have tried to call customer service but have had no luck. I then asked on the La Floresta Facebook page is others were out. Seems lower has service but upper does not.
  6. Hola; I currently have a guest who is wanting to rent here Lakeside and is hoping to do so without the need to buy a car. Besides the obvious Ajijic city center, where would you recommend? Also, is there any shot of her finding short term (six month) rental for $500-$750 USD in one of these areas? She is single and has no pets which helps. I can't give her rental advice since I purchased and am clueless about most of the areas outside my little La Floresta. She drew the short straw with who she got to help her out.
  7. I have know this woman since I moved here and her efforts for the community towards animals and picking up garbage has blown me away. I’m proud to call her a friend. She admitted she did what she is accused of. The man has taken no responsibility for his long term harassment. Also, I have had problems with the man in question too. The first and only time I went, he first pretended to not speak English then got in my face clearly speaking English. So, I totally believe that he was the initial aggressor. He was so ugly to me I never returned. Yes, he is in his 70’s but he has no problem harassing a woman in her 80’s. And please tell me if he was having to get on to her for not pooper-scooping, how did she have a bag of poop to throw? She is KNOWN for picking up trash through out the area. For years!!! Ellie has been depressed for a while now that she has so many animals to feed, vet, and advocate for with little help. If this site causes her physical or emotional harm, there will be no shortage of her friends to remind those posting here of their hand in it. I have taken screen shots so if this does occur, the people who were not there but feel free to pass judgment can be reminded how inhuman they truly are.
  8. That is what my router is flashed with. I was tempted to use Tomato but went for the most used instead of the most intricate. VPN companies have it in their best interest to keep server information available so we who flash can change addresses in DD-WRT if something happens to the server we are using. Speedify chooses your server and you really have to dig deep even for a list of countries where servers are available. This means you can’t personally change your DD-WRT script. Even with an open source like Tomato, DD-RWT, or OpenWRT, if you don’t have enough coding info, it ain’t flying.
  9. I did take the time to research. It is one or the other VPN and Speedify has such bad customer service that only one router company is flashing them and they seem to be in bussness with Speedify. I don’t like this kind of tech business platform of not sharing. I do like the idea of seemless switching to the faster channel but I have no faith either channel here will ever be noticeable faster than the second. Thanks all. I’m sticking with my flashed NordVPN router and my Android box running Kodi to my Roku TV. I love to complicate my life to the fullest.
  10. I could look it up but am lazy today. I have a flashed router loaded with NordVPN. I am assuming since Speedify works as a VPN, the two would conflict. I’m tempted to try the ATT Wireless + Telmex but I don’t want to brick a $600 flashed router. Has anyone used Speedify on a flashed router?
  11. Not sure why this post is here? Did you mean to put it somewhere else but accidently posted here?
  12. The gentleman at Sherman Williams speaks English so he knew eggshell finish immediately. I have done many houses with an ex of 24 years and a few men since. Perhaps I always pick visual men because decor has always been a joint effort. When we moved from Washington to Sugar Land my ex bought our home and chose our decor without my input and it was spot on. I don’t think I could be with a man who didn’t have an opinion as to the optics of his daily life. Perhaps that is why I will most likely die single After doing a wall in eggshell and finding it too shiny I went and got matte. Matte is matte no matter what it is on and was dull and absorbed light making it look cheap. Like I said - 55 years of dry wall means I will probably never embrace paint on a less porous surface. It is one of the trade offs for perfect weather.
  13. I brought my color palette from the States and had zero luck finding the right tones at anywhere but the Sherman Williams by Pale. All the other’s seemed to have colors that were either too yellowish or pinkish or or greenish - you know what I mean. They were just off. I had a few Benjamin Moore colors, a few Behr, and luckily some Sherman Williams. They were all rich colors like hunter green, burgundy, mustard, mink, and royal blue with a neutral cream and a few lighter colors in the same families. I was able to get darn close to the four other brand colors by getting a close SW color and they did all the SW perfect even though they did not have the color swatches for a few - they looked up the formula. The problem I’m still having is even though I did an egg shell finish, the paints are still to shiny on the concrete opposed to dry wall. I have a feeling I will never get use to the wall texture.
  14. The only post I found on this was originally posted two years ago so I thought I would start a new thread in case someone had new info or there were newbies with additional information. The questions are this: Do you use solar, on-demand, or traditional tank system and how do you like it? [Added bonus if you include how many people it services, how long it takes to reheat after it drains, and how you feel your bills are effected by your current unit.] How often do you drain sediment if you have a unit with a tank? Where would you shop if you were in the market for a new system? Who would you recommend to install a new system (assuming it is just an easy install?
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