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  1. Dear Southernguy---THX for the video--it scared me!!!! these people don't think things through--wait and see how they cry when the gov't comes for them--the little guy was funny; he just ran away--mart man--Like Pres. Regan said " when the Gov't comes a 'knocken' run like hell---HA-
  2. ferret; I thought you weren't going to talk about this anymore--What Happen ?--- can't help yourself? -HA
  3. Yup--belief in this scam ; to buy into it has to be a religion--
  4. STATS ?---Garbage in garbage out---HA
  5. Nope--we are in this mess for the long haul-Pfizer; and others are laughing all the way to the bank--HA
  6. Becaaaaause-the treatments were poooo-pooooed to push the so-called RNA "Vaccines". It's always about the Benjamins. I hear that Pziser is due to make 1.4 Trillion out of this and who else-! how much?-you think they are going to say "take two aspirins" and call me in the morning.?--"COME ON MAN"-
  7. Chillin; you just now figured this out?---"everybody" new this a year and a half ago. Big Pharma didn't screw up they planned all this---how did they have the " Vaccine" off the shelf before the virus ready to go.---Billions of dosages-- Money---Money--Money. and POWER !
  8. "Come on man" , HA. What was sold to us was a RNA gene therapy jab, not a vaccine; still in the experimental stage . We can't get vaccinated ; there is none ! the CDC just pulled the CPR test because it is not accurate; too many false positives-we've been lied to since the beginning.. something the gov't loves to do--remember Sadam's WMD's that never existed?--all this madness will end soon and we will go back to our usual flu season; hopefully. It all depends if the people behind all this are willing to "let us go"; I don't think so. When people get power they will double down to keep it.
  9. neither work-easy enough for you?
  10. "he shot the sheriff but he did not shoot the deputy"-- HA
  11. because I don't appreciate stupidity -- let's break it down, Andy; the so called vaccine not only does not work, it is dangerous-- Andy; it's not that I don't like you; its that I just don't care---people are in trouble and they are too scared to admit it--
  12. here in Vallarta we have no time for nonsence -we are here to" maka" the business--if you can't keep up go back to Chapala land or Jajahic-oh by the way I plan to visit the Chapala area next week to see how the swells live---HA----Bobby Brown
  13. Yahoo ? you must be desperate to flood the place with this garbage--find your hole and go away--HA
  14. this is kind of out of date !
  15. Boy--you got skills--why don't you try to get me canceled---oh; I guess you can't !--because I have nothing; unless you have the power to cancel my SOCIAL SECURITY checks-- are you so powerful ?--are you? PUNK !!--YEA ,I THOUGHT SO !!---BOBBY BROWN--
  16. who are you to block me--you are nobody--this site does not ban someone just because you get knickers in a twist"-Ferret"- and you still are a ferret-Rat HA--after your stunt ; this blog will be closed by Moderator 2-THX--Bobby Brown
  17. the situation is VERY serious --it goes much deeper than a virus--we are in a war for our very survival-
  18. are you afraid of the truth? Sounds like you can't handle the truth--
  19. sorry; it's not that simple--too many holes in this whole story--too many liers !!
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