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  1. Last word---MANDATE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got your mandate---HA
  2. just because the are classified as emergency doesn't make them safe--DAAAAH--!!
  3. what we have here is bio warfare tested on us-!!
  4. The vaccines will never get approval-!!--they are expiermental-
  5. what's your point---you are all over the map---Miss Mud-HA
  6. Hey---Ferret; I thought you were not going to talk to me anymore--are you having any doubts?--I know some friends from out of town that can help--no they are not Martians-Martians are "cretans" but these people are really out there--get it?
  7. Sorry to tell you miss MUD ;but your reality is from some other world--you need to come back to earth and smell the coffee--HA--I would like to give you some secrets; but you will probably only drown deeper into your abiss. Like the movie Cliff Hanger ; sometimes you just have to cut the rope-!
  8. cute cartoon, but stupid !--LIFE exists on the concept of what's in it for me !---with out that survival instinct life will cease to exist-are you that out of touch reality ?-HA
  9. Dear miss MUD---Have you heard of herd immunity?--half the population took the jab to their detriment and the rest of us went through the "virus" unscathed--you vaccers are the grand experiment and culling; we got our eye on you- HA
  10. well' if you are worried about the coming variants; then booster up to " INFINITY AND BEYOND"-have a nice life as a pincusion---HA
  11. If you are vaccinated you are safe; be happy--so leave the rest of in peace-we will find our own way without your help-!
  12. It's good wipstock has me blocked ; then he won't know what i'm saying behind his back---HA
  13. YEA; hot air always rises; I tend to keep my feet on the ground backed by common sense . ; and shy away from B.S.----HA
  14. well today's homework was a little over my head--how about this analysis -"blowing smoke up our arsses--HA
  15. yea' with the faulty PCR test that the CDC finally admits--too many false positives
  16. can anyone see me out there-- I'm being blocked; is it something I said ?--your fingers in your ears " la; la ;la; la;- I deal in facts and common sense; not group speak. !
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