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  1. Dear Ferret; I take offense--I'm a retired truck mechanic and I think I took good care of my patients-"trucks"--and by the way--I was required to have a class A license to test drive my work in the streets--Does a doctor do that for you?--That's why I Migrated to Mexico--My Pension was kind of punnie to retire in the states---HA
  2. wow--YOU GOT IT DOWN ! no thanks, not happy now--HA-- I'll trust the floor mechanic--the nurses and doctors on the ground- first responders !
  3. OH, he got the cocktail-
  4. Dear Rick- your post affects the whole world; Mexico included--no worries, I've got your back-- and so does Moderator # 2-
  5. the jab strikes again--bring on the booster; maybe that will finish him off--HA
  6. Again; thankyou for your diagnosis, doctor Mud.--you can determine your diagnosis from a photo thousands of miles-wow; you are good' Comrad Mud--HA
  7. Well' thankyou doctor for that diagnose (boring for repeating myself); yes and self-deluded for not believing in the party line ; comrad Mudgirl
  8. well thank you: for the compliment : but to be honest I am completely illiterate ; and I can still pull your chain--HA
  9. I believe the election was stolen by the behavior of the dems--why are they so afraid of an audit? they got their senile monkey in--they should say " knock yourself out" we got nothing to hide---stay tuned; we should find out soon--oh I don't watch faux either; but I hear OAN is good ; I listen to the good stuff on the net--like the movie " you can't handle the truth"---------Joco; I think you can handle the truth--check out RBN - a real right wing nut show--you might like it -HA--just google it--Bobby
  10. Well I mean what I say--I Hail from the silicon curtain-Silicon Valley--Cali-- and I really hate Communism . Let's just say I don't like taking orders very well.. I immigrated to Mexico in 2007 simply for freedom--Mexico will too fall eventually but i'll be long gone before that happens--HA---signed Bobby ilky---HA
  11. No passport for me--I 'm just not built that way---I immigrated to Mexico for freedom from Comi-Cali--and i'm too old to change now--HA-- Mexico may fall too; but i'll be long gone by then--HA
  12. I think, Joco, we got off on the wrong foot--we apperently agree . I listen to Republic News Network--Michael Rivero,etc. The election was indeed stolen-not by just the proven facts but the behavior of the perps confirm it.-- Why so afraid of an audit. Behavior of the quilty .Yes, the Soviets bored the brunt of WW11. The Germans were afraid of the Russians for all their atrocities done to them. Russia lost 80 % of their fighting age men. When the Germans surrendered they wanted badly to surrender to the Americans. They knew the Russians would not be merciful .--And Eisenhower did slaughter alot of the captured "Hitler Youth"; he saw in their eyes that they were comply brainwashed with no hope of redemption and unskilled to build a new Germany---So goes WAR. I escaped the silicon curtain ( the bay area) in 2007--Cali is gone and I will never go back to the states. Sometimes I feel like denouncing my U.S. citizenship but I think I won't give them the satisfaction--HA
  13. well in this blog ; full of socialists ; sometimes I miss the satire ---Sorry--most people here are very upset with me . but that's ok--I got my big boy pants on--HA
  14. true words of a socialist--I my friend believe survival solely depends on self preservation first; then if anything is left over one can be generous.
  15. you are right "COMRAD"; freedom loving Americans are just nuckle draggers---HA
  16. off to the gulag we go--HA- the problem with too many people is that they are just damn stupid--they have the mental capacity of a two year old--HA--but this is not funny-stupid people can be down right dangerous !!!!--OH; the poison in the jab is pheleneoxide- very bad stuff.
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