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  1. Well Andy Panda--In conclusion--I think I should take a time out--I will crawl back into my coffin and take a timeout---NOT !!--These times are too exciting---HA
  2. You want to bring up the Vallarta flight to San Francisco--Alaska crash back in the eighties?- nineties-it's been long----I lost a good friend on that flight--Cinthia Otey--My financial wizard--Look it up--Cause of the crash was lack of maintence==The Jack Screw-!!
  3. Please don't--we have too many "sperts" already---HA
  4. Thanks for your concern; but I think I can make it through the rest my life without your advice--THX---
  5. I can stay alive without your shot; thank you very much for you concern -HA--
  6. Well; Mudgirl-I was on a Mexican Airline ( won't mention the name) last year- headed to Cancun after the hurricane, I walked through the galley and it smelled nasty- after sitting down I started choking because of the stink--the steward challenge me for the cough; and I barked back " your galley stinks"--he replied "no, it doesn't"-I replied " (In English}-You going to throw me off the plane?--He replies-"NO"---He saw I was the typical "Ugly American"-looking for a fight--I HATE THIS COVID BU$$$$S %^&--
  7. OH' being from California; I had an appendix taken out at Kaiser--Great women doctor!!!--well, I gave a pint of my blood ahead of time ; and wouldn't you know it; me being a white guy I was a bleeder-used it up and no problems--I had two operations from there and they are the best--20 years ago and I'm still here making a nuisance of myself-HA
  8. OH; by the way; I heard that the REDCROSS- will not except blood from the vacinated; sort of like the Redcross in the past would not except the blood from aids carriers--Well there is always an exception of the liberal locals like "CALIFORNIA"--Let the buyer beware--!!
  9. Thanks for your hopes, doctor,-- but my well being is my business---HA
  10. I have an idea--Maybe the pigs can refrain from eating for a couple of hours--HA
  11. You wouldn't trust Mexican airline filtration ? Then why would you trust Mexican airlines from falling out of the sky ? sounds like you have an agenda- no offense ; just a observation-sounds of hypocracy- HA
  12. Yes; can't wait for you to get your booster--
  13. I wouldn't get on a plane with people who are vaccinated --looks like we have a Mexican standoff---HA
  14. For me a" Mexican" is a green card holder-- which I am a holder-HA
  15. an incompetent gov't is actually a good thing--it eguates to less damage to the people- the smaller the Gov't ; the better--Mexico is great; so far;--but it will grow- and devour one's freedoms .
  16. out of pocket--SI !--but goooood price--so go for it--
  17. Don't forget that Arnold; if he got his citizenship; took an oath to the Constitution; I guess when you sell out to Hollywood that all goes out the window. When you rotate don't fall out of your chair--HA
  18. what's wrong?- is the comment "to He%#l with your freedom" coming from an immigrant doesn't sit well with most Americans--irregardless of the subject matter at hand.
  19. " hasta la vista baby"; did you here about Arnold; he really stepped in it--
  20. Now we are in the sewer--?--God help us--stop the planet; I'm out of here---HA
  21. are you bragging or complaining ?- just "funnin" - don't get mad--it must have been that second glass of wine--HA
  22. Jim--are you saying " the worm has turned"?
  23. call me old fashioned, but I'll take may chances with GOD'S handy work--the solution is out there --you just have to look--but what do I know; I'm just a retired truck mechanic--a job that nobody would take unless he needs the money to survive in silicon valley--born in San Mateo-and bought my first house in San Jose-now in retirement going further south-Puerto Vallarta--I guess NOT BAD---HA
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